Interview : presentation of the festival Ciné Haiku

Today, I’m going to present you a festival with the year 2017 marks the very first edition : the festival Ciné haiku, which is also a contest of short film, with well-defined rules.

Presentation of the festival

The annual festival Cinéhaïku brings together the award-winning films every week in a temporary exhibition, from 7 to 21 July 2017, through the town of Gordes, in the Luberon, France.

Through a walk and aesthetically, Cinéhaïkus, broadcast on screens, allow the public to experience a moment of poetry suspended in time.

If the festival starts in July, the competition started at the end of January 2017. Participants are invited to propose films are very short, under 30 seconds, inspired by the tradition of the haiku. What is a haiku ?

“The haiku is a japanese form of poetry giving the possibility to note emotions, the moment that passes and that amazes or astonishes. This is a very concise form, seventeen syllables in three lines (5-7-5).” (source :

Filmmakers wishing to participate in the contest are invited to make a film of the three sequences is very short, with an intent similar to that of the haiku : “discreet, a lyrical silent. He talks about the things indirectly, without it being symbolic.” It does not transmit “no feeling of love too marked. Not carpe diem. Love is the opposite of the haiku, love obliges us to speak of the self. The haiku says “I” but to let them forget. The “I” passes into the body.”.

Each week, a film will be selected by the jury, and its author will win a$ 500. During the festival, all the winners of the weekly will be distributed in the village of Gordes and the grand prize winner will win the sum of$ 10,000. Below, you can discover the interview of the organizer as well as an overview of the type of film that may be on offer at the festival.

Interview of Clara, the organiser of Cine haiku

– Hello, Can you introduce us to the festival Ciné Haiku?

The festival Cinéhaiku together to Gordes and all of the winning films during the year. It is a touring exhibition in one of the most beautiful villages of France. A course of screens Cinéha !iku comes to create the surprise in the village, through the village, like a treasure hunt dada.

– Why have you created this festival ?

The talent is contagious, the poetry vital, short films and modern… The beauty brings peace, gives hope, reconciles… The youth gives us energy, puts us into question, we jostled… I think I never discount the reading of ” The preparation of the novel by Roland Barthes, a course at the collège de France, of which the first chapter is devoted to the haiku…

“All in tears

Sitting he tells

His mom is listening “ (Hasuo)

The poem is so strong, that one visualizes instantly the scene. But precisely how to make this power visually ? It is this question that is born the idea of the contest and the festival.

– Why the choice of Haiku ?

Poetry is a personal passion and in that passion, the haiku holds a special place. It is a lightning strike, which is why the signage for the internet site incorporates this symbol. But it is a lightning strike in the sweetness : traditionally, haiku are neither violent, nor erotic, nor to protest. It is a time that makes sense, without going up to the symbol. It evokes nature, he took up with our share the purest of humanity. I think that we all need from this link, this free in the emotions, be stripped of too many intentions.

“As it is admirable

The one who does not think ” life is ephemeral “

When he sees a flash of lightning “ (Basho)

– Each week, a film will be awarded a$ 500 prize, and this for several months. Why have you chosen this formula ?

We address a unique way to young filmmakers, and the shape of the contest seemed the most appropriate. It is a small exercise creative, he could be free.

“While the world sleeps

Nothing in between

The moon and me “. (Seifugo)

It does not give you want to create a cinéhaïku ?

– Can you show the Jury ?

It is in the course of the constitution, I expect answers. It will bring together international personalities of the design, such as India Mahdavi, of contemporary art such as Sylvie Fleury, of the poetry but also, of course, cinema.

– Is there a word of advice, a guideline given to the jury for its choice of films ?


– What are the future projects of the association ?

We are focused on the project of completing the first edition in Gordes. Welcome to the city was fabulous and we fell in love with the area. It is a great pride for me, all my energy is directed towards the 7th of July 2017…

A few examples of films in three sequences

Amateur filmmakers in search of opportunities, do not hesitate to consult our list of festivals and competitions for short films in 2017

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