[INTERVIEW] the team of The movie LOLO

We met in Bordeaux the team of the movie LOLO: director Julie Delpy and the two key players, the men of the life of Violette that she interprets : Dany Boon (Jean-René) and Vincent Lacoste (Lolo). We deliver you their crossfire in the form of a small primer and under the sign of the good mood and authenticity.

O as in Oedipus

Julie Delpy : After my movies on the conjugal couple in the United States, I wanted to show another couple, a mother and her son, who destroyed the life of each other. She feels guilty for working all the time in the middle of the fashion and déculpabilise in yielding to his many blackmail. I was inspired by the whims of this little girl in the Bad Seed, old movie of the 50’s. Of course I did not wish to adopt the tone as dark and monstrous for this old film. I’ve intentionally made a comedy, while keeping the bad moves that can make a dirty kid. Because this is fascinating for a child, especially with his mother, and there, it is in the complex of Oedipus, it is up to what point it can be manipulative. I see it with my six year old son ! The actors, moreover, it is a bit like children, if you begin to let you walk on it, it is not simple!

S as Slip

Julie Delpy : I wanted to as Lolo walks around in his underwear in the apartment because the symbol of the slip is for me to how terrible children, children kings that were fawned, mark their territory and treat their parents like shit. But the film makes it clear that all situations can evolve through love, and that he must not give in to blackmail, nor meet all the needs of the children. They should be allowed to fight for the things and don’t give them cooked in the beak.

Vincent Lacoste : I was not really bothered to be often slip, it reinforced the idea of this character very unsympathetic, who do not question, but which is ultimately affecting.

C as Caricatures Paris – Province

Julie Delpy : I did not castigate the parisians, who can be snobs even with the parisians, like me. I didn’t want that to be cumbersome when I have dealt with the world of fashion, or of a caricature. I didn’t want a “Wanna be”, it is for that that I’ve worked with Karl Lagerfeld, which is very cool in life ; he had a phobia of the subway and we had to fend for themselves, when we filmed this scene.

Dany Boon : as for Me, I felt the shift coming from the North !

“LOLO wants to be a comedy, a feminist, who shows that all situations can evolve through love.”

P as in Characters

Julie Delpy : I’ve written my characters of Jean-Rene and Lolo thinking of my performers : I wanted them both, even if it has not been easy with Dany because her agent had said no at the beginning without him talking about it ! I have a lot of respect for actors who do Stand Up, like Chris Rock (NB : with that, she shot 2 Days in New York) and Dany.

Dany Boon : I love the naïve side of Jean-René! And then I had to learn all the computer language, it took a lot of concentration !

Vincent Lacoste : well, of Course I’m not like the character that I read, even if it says that it looks easy to play. I didn’t want that to seem so difficult. Me, I was not really attached to my family home, I left early. Julie Delpy was proposed to me the role when I had played a role in his film The Skylab, I still waited for three years! I choose my films based on a director who has a vision, a universe and I love movies. It is easy to choose good people in their work, I delegate my trust and it soothes my anxieties. But I also need my leeway.

M as crude Words

Julie Delpy : I’ve put these harsh words into the mouth of my characters as a tribute to my mother, the actress Marie Pillet, who could be coarse, but never vulgar. The vulgarity, this is when one is uncomfortable to say something, that we feel dirty. There is a difference between joking about the orgies, and to tell that it participates in. Women talk like that among themselves. Me, I’m very prudish in life, morality itself. I am a romantic feminist.

T as the Work of the director

Julie Delpy : I wanted to do one more movie wise visually less exciting than the other in the United States, without a camera at the shoulder.

I try to be a leader, it is necessary to show to the team that someone is leading, otherwise it is very anxiety-provoking for everyone. I remember an american film, which was never released, where the hairdresser had replaced the director, unable to run ! Barbet-Schroeder had told me that “a good director is someone who is able to listen and try.” I try to follow this advice, and I listen to the other if there is a better idea. Just need to find the right environment.

My next film will have nothing to do with it, I am going to perform a drama course, but it is more difficult to climb.

Dany Boon : Julie Delpy has a spectrum of artistic huge, there’s plenty of reading level in this comedy, a feminist, a great wealth. I was really happy to meet her universe. It is not at all abusive as a director, she knows what she wants, that’s all !


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Original title : Lolo

Achievement : Julie Delpy

Screenplay : Julie Delpy

Main actors : Julie Delpy, Dany Boon , Vincent Lacoste , Karin Viard

Country of origin : France

Output : 28 October 2015

Duration : 1h30

Distributor : Mars Distribution

Synopsis : In the thalasso in Biarritz with her best friend, Violet, quadra paris working in fashion, meeting Jean-René, a modest computer scientist freshly divorced. After years of loneliness, she is seduced. He joins her in Paris, trying to adapt to the microcosm of paris in which it operates. But it is without counting on the presence of Lolo, and the dear son of Violet, willing to do anything to destroy the couple emerging and keep its place as the favorite.

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