Is 88M a good MOS?

Is 88M a good MOS?

Being an 88M will mean you have a very high chance of seeing combat (for a support MOS). That is just the nature of the job. You would be driving in convoys usually protected by Combat Arms but you are still expected to fight if need be.

How long is AIT 88M?

Job training for a motor transport operator requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and six weeks of Advanced Individual Training. Part of this time is spent in the classroom, and part takes place in simulation; however, more than 200 training hours are spent in actual vehicles and field training environments.

What rank is 88M?

Motor Transport Operator – 88M.

Is 88m AIT easy?

One of the AIT (Advanced Individual Training) courses at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri is MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) 88M, Motor Transport Operator, i.e. “Truck Driver”. It is one of the easiest AIT’s, consisting of seven weeks of training, plus one week of administrative stuff.

How much do 88m get paid?

How much does a 88m make? On average, an 88m can expect to earn anywhere from $2,110 – $4,106 per month. The ultimate number is based on length of service and your rank.

Where are 88M stationed?

If a person enlists for MOS 88M, they get trained and awarded the MOS 88M. Where they get assigned, in the world, is according to the needs of the Army. If they get the airborne option, there is a 90 percent chance of them going to Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Where do 88M get stationed?

What vehicles do 88M drive?

What trucks do 88m drive? Some of the trucks driven by 88m include the MTVR MK23, M35, M939, HEMTT, and M970.

What trucks do 88M drive?

What does 88m in the army stand for?

Army Motor Transport Operator (MOS 88M) provide Army mobility through the transport of personnel and cargo. Motor Transport Operators both supervise and operate wheel vehicles.

What is the job description of a 88m?

Operate all wheel vehicles and equipment over varied terrain and roadways

  • Manage load,unload and safety of personnel being transported
  • Oversee and check proper loading and unloading of cargo on vehicles and trailers
  • Employ convoy defense techniques
  • Identify,correct or report all vehicle deficiencies
  • What is the most dangerous MOS in the US Army?

    Technically a Motor Vehicle Operator (Army MOS 88M, USMC MOS 3531), is the most dangerous (based on the number of deaths) Combat Support role in the Army and the Marines, at least since troops have been deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    How long is AIT for 88m?

    Advanced Individual Training, or AIT, for 88m is conducted at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO, and lasts approximately 7 weeks.

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