Is a Toro mulch kit worth it?

Is a Toro mulch kit worth it?

I purchased this Mulch Kit for my Zero Turn Toro Timecutter. The kit comes with a cover for the discharge port which allows the grass to be recirculated in the blades to provide optimal mulching performance. I’m satisfied with it so far, and no complaints regarding it quality.

Do they make mulching blades for zero turn mowers?

Replacement OEM blade to fit select Gravely zero turn mowers. This blade will allow your zero-turn mower to cut to its highest potential, and will help to replenish nutrients back into your lawn. Guaranteed to fit the correct mower every time.

Is it better to mulch or side discharge?

If you’re mowing large, open areas, where you can direct cut grass back onto your lawn as fertilizer, side discharge is the best choice for lawn health. Mulching mowers are more specialized and typically work more slowly and yield less pristine cuts than side discharge.

Can you mulch a Toro TimeCutter?

By adding the Toro Recycler system to your Toro 42 in. TimeCutter SS or SW, you create your own natural fertilizer. deck Toro zero turn riding mowers, gives it the capability to mulch grass by cutting it multiple times turning it into fine clipping pieces.

How do you install a mulching kit?


  1. Step 1: Remove the cutting deck.
  2. Step 2: Flip the deck over.
  3. Step 3: Secure the old blades.
  4. Step 4: Remove the old blades.
  5. Step 5: Attach new blades.
  6. Step 6: Flip the deck back over.
  7. Step 7: Install the mulch plug.
  8. Step 8: Reattach the deck to your mower.

Will mulching blades cut grass?

Mulching blades, also known as 3-in-1 blades, can be used to bag, discharge, or mulch grass clippings. The curved surface and increased cutting edge allows the blade to cut the grass and bring it into the deck where it is cut several more times before falling back onto the lawn in much smaller pieces.

Are high lift blades good for mulching?

Lifting blades come in three types: High-Lift, Medium-Lift, and Low-Lift. Essentially, the greater the lift, the more horsepower that’s required. You would use High-Lift blades when tackling taller, more dense grass (High-lift = higher-lifting airflow). You should not use Lifting blades for mulching.

What is a bob cat mulching kit?

The BOB-CAT mulching kit is an ever-popular accessory for owners wanting to reduce visible clippings and return organic material to the lawn. It utilises Eliminator® blades and unique baffles to separate off each blade so that grass is processed into very small pieces and returned back to the lawn as efficiently as possible.

How much does a bobcat zero turn mower cost?

Bobcat ZT2000 Zero-Turn Mower. Starting at $4,649* New Bobcat ZT3000 Zero-Turn Mower. Starting at $6,399* New Bobcat ZT3500 Zero-Turn Mower. Starting at $7,999* New Bobcat ZS4000 Zero-Turn Stand-On Mower. Starting at $7,999*

What is a bad boy mower mulching kit?

Bad Boy Mower mulching kits are a great way to maintain a clean lawn! Our zero-turn mulching kits are designed specifically to fit your Bad Boy Mower perfectly! Each kit comes with the baffles and hardware needed to isolate each blade. It also comes with a set of mulching blades ready to be installed for optimal mulching!

What kind of mowers does Bobcat make?

The leader in compact construction equipment brings industry-leading toughness to turf with the all-new family of Bobcat® zero-turn mowers. Engineered for rugged durability and equipped with innovative cutting decks, Bobcat zero-turn mowers are designed to keep your crews productive and profitable.

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