Is Adam arms still in business?

Is Adam arms still in business?

Adams Arms, LLC, after the successful transfer of assets, will be closed. Adams Arms LLC thanks its longtime customers and partners for their business. AA Holdings will deliver the highest quality that everyone has come to expect from Adams Arms, and will continue to develop new and innovative products.

Who makes gas piston AR 15?

Patriot Ordnance Factory
Patriot Ordnance Factory was the first to bring the gas piston AR15 to the commercial market in 2006. And we’ve been innovating ever since. We’ve engineered our rifles to withstand the most rugged environments. When you want to purchase the last rifle you’ll ever need to own, look no further than our gas piston rifles.

What is the Adams piston kit?

With the Adams patented piston kit, you end up with a cooler, cleaner, and more advanced system, without having to go through complex mods and reconfigurations. Adams’ kit also allows the gas block to be adjusted, making it ideal for suppressed fire, heavier ammunition, and similar applications.

What is the warranty on Adams Arms piston drives?

These models – as well as the previous ones mentioned – include a limited lifetime warranty from Adams Arms. The company will cover any issues and manufacturer defects in their piston-driven systems and parts, for life. Furthermore, their customer service seems to be helpful, though less attainable during the busy season.

What is the best gas piston upgrade for a rifle?

The Adams Arms P Series is the perfect gas piston upgrade for those who have a carbine gas system. If your rifle has it, you’ll need a good set of gas pistons to help make it the best functioning part. This might be exactly what you need to achieve that.

What is the best adjustable gas piston for an AR-15?

The Superlative Arms AR-15 Adjustable Gas Piston Upgrade is a nice package of gas pistons that can be added on to any gas system. All you have to do is make some adjustments to ensure it will fit your gas system and you’ll be set for a long time.

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