Is an i7-6700K still good?

Is an i7-6700K still good?

The i7–6700K is a perfectly good processor. It may be 4 generations back, but it has good clock speeds and has 4 cores for multitasking. Certainly, a new processor like the Ryzen 5 1600AF/2600 will provide much faster performance, just as any newer component would.

What generation is the i7 5930K?

Core i7 5th Gen Haswell
Intel Core i7-5930K – Core i7 5th Gen Haswell-E 6-Core 3.5 GHz LGA 2011-v3 140W Desktop Processor – BX80648I75930K.

What is a good upgrade from i7 6700k?

Titan. Your i7-6700K has 8 threads and a passmark rating of 8977 with a single thread rating of 2532. The best possible upgrade on your motherboard is a i7-7700K with 8 threads and a rating of 9708/2764.

Is i7 6700k good for gaming?

So to end off, the i7 6700k is a great cpu for gaming. It might be overkill for many games, but for many others it will give you a solid experience, without having to do any tweaking and fiddling.

When did the i7-5930K come out?

The Intel Core i7-5930K is a desktop processor with 6 cores, launched in September 2014. It is part of the Core i7 lineup, using the Haswell EE architecture with Socket 2011-3.

What socket is i7-5930K?

Compare with similar items

This item Intel Core i7-5930K Haswell-E 6-Core 3.5GHz LGA 2011-v3 140W Desktop Processor BX80648I75930K
CPU Model Manufacturer Intel
CPU Socket LGA 2011
CPU Speed 3.5 GHz
Device Type Processors

Is a Core i7 10700F good for gaming?

10700F is best for gaming if you want to go with Intel. Else a cheaper option is 5600X or far cheaper is 3700X! If u want to overclock and want to have complete utility control u can go for the i5 10600k as it is overclockable…

Is the i7-7700K better than the 6700K?

The Core i7-7700K is Intel’s flagship Kaby Lake based CPU which is reported to have the same IPC as its predecessor, Skylake. Comparing the 7700K and 6700K shows that both average effective speed and peak overclocked speed are up by 7%.

What is the Intel 5930k CPU?

The Intel 5930K is Intel’s new middle tier Haswell-E prosumer CPU. This model has base/turbo clocks of 3.5/3.7 GHz and sports 6 physical cores with 12 hyperthreads. The 5930K offers enormous processing throughput but like its Haswell-E siblings it lacks in single and dual-core speed.

What is the difference between the 5930k and the 4790k?

The 5930K offers enormous processing throughput but like its Haswell-E siblings it lacks in single and dual-core speed. Comparing the 5930K and 4790K shows that the 4790K offers nearly 20% more single and dual core throughput and is priced nearly 40% lower than the 5930K.

What is the Intel Core i7-6700k?

The Core i7-6700K is Intel’s latest “Skylake” flagship processor. It replaces the hugely successful i7-4790K and takes the crown as the fastest mainstream consumer CPU available.

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