Is Arcadia Publishing legit?

Is Arcadia Publishing legit?

They are a legitimate, unique company focused on a niche market. They have already been around for 20 years. Arcadia only publishes books about America, and they publish photo books, local history books, books about crime, books about sports, and lots of local history books about specific locations.

Is Arcadia Publishing self Publishing?

Arcadia Publishing is an American publisher of neighborhood, local, and regional history of the United States in pictorial form….Arcadia Publishing.

Parent company Lezen
Distribution Self-distributed
Key people David Steinberger, CEO
Publication types Books
Imprints The History Press Legendary Locals Pelican Publishing Company

Who owns Arcadia Publishing?

Lezen Acquisition LLC
Arcadia Publishing/Parent organizations

Where is Arcadia Publishing?

Mount Pleasant, SC
Company Description: Arcadia Publishing, Inc. is located in Mount Pleasant, SC, United States and is part of the Newspaper, Periodical, Book, and Directory Publishers Industry.

Who owns the History Press?

Gloucestershire-based publisher The History Press has been acquired in a management buyout from previous owners private equity firm Octopus Investments. In a simultaneous but separate transaction, The History Press imprint Pitkin Publishing has been sold to Pavilion Books.

What is the history of Arcadia?

Arcadia (Greek: Ἀρκαδία) is a region in the central Peloponnese. It takes its name from the mythological character Arcas, and in Greek mythology it was the home of the god Pan. In European Renaissance arts, Arcadia was celebrated as an unspoiled, harmonious wilderness; as such, it was referenced in popular culture.

How do I contact Arcadia Publishing?

Our customer service team is availble to assist you with your phone order 24/7. Call us at 844-868-1798 to be connected to our phone sales agents.

Who owns The History Press?

Is tales of Arcadia a book series?

The Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia book series by Guillermo del Toro & Richard Ashley Hamilton includes books Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia—The Secret History of Trollkind and Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia–The Felled.

Who published history com?

The History Channel | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster.

Where is history Press located?

The History Press

Founded 2007
Country of origin United Kingdom
Headquarters location Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Distribution Macmillan Distribution (UK) Peribo (Australia) Independent Publishers Group (US)
Publication types Books

Is Arcadia CA rich?

Arcadia is an affluent city located in the San Gabriel Valley. As a center of international wealth and one of the richest neighborhoods in Southern California, Arcadia is also known for being the birthplace of McDonald’s.

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