Is Ever Us discontinued?

Is Ever Us discontinued?

My engagement ring was from the Kay jewelers Ever Us collection. Due to the curvature of the ring, it had a band designed to fit it. Well they discontinued the band, and it’s no longer available.

What is an Ever Us ring?

The Ever Us collection at KAY Outlet celebrates the strong bond that exists when friendship turns into love. Celebrate that connection with discounted two-stone diamond jewelry such as rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets from the exclusive collection, and wear your love story beautifully.

How much does a real ring cost?

What’s the Average Cost? Brides’ American Wedding Study found that the average couples spent on an engagement ring in 2020 was $3,756, which is less than the $7,829 average couples spent in 2018.

How much does remounting a ring cost?

Cost of Ring Resetting The cost of resetting an engagement ring varies depends on a number of factors: The choice of jeweler, the size of the diamonds, and any additional diamonds or changes the buyer wants. A wedding or engagement ring reset can cost anywhere from $80 to about $250.

What does the forever us ring stand for?

The Ever Us diamond ring is made of two sparkling diamonds – one symbolising your best friend and one symbolising your true love, The Ever Us meaning is the diamonds sitting together side by side are ‘us’ – you are each other’s best friend and each other’s true love. It is the perfect commitment ring.

What is setting price ring?

Center stone: The center stone typically accounts for an overwhelming majority of the price of the ring. The size, quality, clarity and cut of the gemstone determine the ring’s price and value. Setting: Usually platinum or gold, the setting holds the stone/stones and gives the ring its unique design.

How much does it cost to get a ring made with your own diamonds?

Setting a custom ring costs anywhere from $500 to $1500. However, the cost varies depending on design complexities, type, size and number of the accent stones used, and absolutely anything a jeweler will factor into the budget.

Is it toi et moi or Moi Et toi?

In French, “toi et moi” means “you and me.” “It is a sentimental classic,” Greg Kwiat says of Toi et Moi rings. “The symbolism of two different gems coming together in harmony to create one beautiful ring is one of the most romantic expressions of love through jewelry design.”

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