Is G13 indica or sativa?

Is G13 indica or sativa?

G13, also known as ‘Government Indica Strain 1,’ is an indica leaning hybrid known for its happy and relaxing high. It tastes super piney and earthy, so it’s great if you love those natural and herby-tasting strains.

Is skunk Kush indica or sativa?

Skunk Kush Regular cannabis seeds are 60% indica, 40% sativa. As the name suggests, the strain is a hybrid of Hindu Kush (with its pure Afghani genes), and Skunk #1. The combination produces plants that are vigorous and high-yielding, with a scent and taste that’s distinctly skunk-like.

What is skunk seed?

Skunk cannabis seeds are some of the most popular seeds with professional and home growers. Skunk strains are well known for their ease of growth and characteristically pungent smell. Offering a proven package of taste, potency and yield, skunk cannabis seeds are easy to grow.

What does G13 mean?

G-13 is a code used to differintiate those marijuanas that have been cultivated and cultured to the point of medical usefullness. G-13 is still used to day by the government as a classification system, if a certain strain of marijuana is considered applicable it will be classified “g-13”.

What is G13 strain crossed with?

Barney’s reports crossing the G13 “government Indica” strain (rumored to have been created by the U.S. federal government in the 1970s) with a Skunk #1 to stabilize its genetics. From there, Barney’s crossed the G13 and Skunk #1 hybrid with a Hawaiian Sativa to create G13 Haze.

What is Dutch skunk?

A hybrid of Afghan Indica, Mexican Sativa and Colombian Gold Sativa, and named for its strong smell, Skunk #1 would go on to win the Cannabis Cup in 1988 and be sold to seed banks throughout Holland, becoming the world’s first commercial hybrid strain.

What strain smells most like skunk?

Death Star. Anyone who’s smoked it will tell you that Death Star is one of the single most potent strains out there. It comes from crossing a Sensi Star father with a Sour Diesel mother, and the result is a cannabis flower with extremely strong fuel and skunk flavors.

What drug is SK?

Skunk or SK for short is what some people refer to as the elder brother of Indian hemp. This is because it is much stronger than hemp and is a bit more expensive though it is as easy to get because it is sold by the same peddlers.

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