Is gas subsidy stopped in India?

Is gas subsidy stopped in India?

The direct LPG subsidy was stopped by the Central government from May 2020. One way would be that the government could continue selling LPG cylinders without any subsidies.

Why there is no subsidy for LPG?

For the past several months, the Central government has stopped subsidies on LPG since May 2020. The step was taken after the price of crude oil and gas in international markets plummeted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Video Player is loading.

Is LPG subsidy started again?

New Delhi: The government has once again started disbursing LPG subsidy into the account of the eligible beneficiaries. As per several media reports, LPG gas consumers are being given Rs 79.26 per cylinder as subsidy, though for some beneficiaries the subsidy per cylinder is Rs 158.52 or 237.78.

What is the subsidy amount of LPG cylinder today?

All petroleum companies have now increased the rate of a subsidised liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder by Rs.25 per cylinder. The price of the subsidised 14.2 kg LPG cylinder will be Rs.884.50 per cylinder in the capital.

What is the rate of 19 kg cylinder?

Recent ( Revised ) LPG Cylinder rates in Bengaluru

Product 01-Dec-21 06-Oct-21
19 Kg Commercial Cylinder ₹ 2164.0 ₹ 1794.5
47.5 Kg Cylinder ₹ 5407.0 ₹ 4482.5
5 Kg Domestic Cylinder ₹ 332.5 ₹ 332.5
5 Kg Non Domestic ₹ 600.5 ₹ 499.0

What should I do if I dont get LPG subsidy?

If you are not receiving your subsidy then one of the primary reasons for it is that your LPG ID is not linked with the account number. To highlight this issue, you can contact your nearest distributor or register your complaint by calling the toll-free number 18002333555.

Is there any subsidy on cooking gas in India?

Currently, the government is not offering any subsidy on cooking gas. The LPG prices are usually revised at the beginning of every month. But in the month of February 2021 itself, the prices were hiked thrice. The Domestic LPG cylinder price was hiked from ₹694 a cylinder in January 2021 to ₹719 a cylinder on February 4th, 2021, in New Delhi.

What is the price of LPG in India Today?

On Wednesday, the price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) was hiked by Rs.15 across the country. In Delhi, the rate of 14.2 kg domestic non-subsidized LPG cylinders stood at Rs.899.50 following consecutive increases in the price. The cost of a 5 kg cylinder now stands at Rs.502. The revised prices of cooking gas have into effect from today.

Is there any subsidy on LPG cylinders?

The price hike of LPG cylinders has been uniformly implemented all across the country. Currently, the government is not offering any subsidy on cooking gas. The LPG prices are usually revised at the beginning of every month.

How much is LPG subsidy in India for FY21?

The government has allocated Rs 40,915 crore as petroleum subsidy for FY21, a 6 per cent increase from Rs 38,569 crore allocated for the last fiscal. Out of this,the allocation for LPG subsidy has been increased to Rs 37,256.21 crore for the current year.

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