Is Graber better than Hunter Douglas?

Is Graber better than Hunter Douglas?

Most would agree that Hunter Douglas is generally more expensive than Graber, but they do offer a top-of-the-line, high-quality product that will last and look as good as new for years to come. Graber also offers a very high-quality product but usually at a lower price point.

How much does PowerView motorization cost?

Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization starts at $299 per shade, depending on the style. You also can’t buy them online or in a store. PowerView Motorization Smart Shades are only available through specialists and home technology professionals.

Who owns Douglas?

Ralph Sonnenberg
The company is publicly listed; the CEO, Ralph Sonnenberg, owns more than 80% of the stock….Hunter Douglas.

Type Public
Headquarters Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Is Alta owned by Hunter Douglas?

Alta Window Fashions As a part of the Hunter Douglas family of brands, Alta is held to the highest standards of quality, while offered at extremely competitive prices!

Where is Hunter Douglas US headquarters?

United States
Hunter Douglas Inc./Headquarters

Why Hunter Douglas window treatments?

The light-transforming powers of Hunter Douglas premium window treatments enhance and elevate your home. Delivering the utmost in both sophistication and quality, our shades are built to your specifications and guaranteed to last.

How to choose the perfect window treatment solution?

Explore different materials, styles, operating systems, fabrics and colors and choose your perfect window-treatment solution. And behold light transformed.

What are the best window treatments for a modern farmhouse aesthetic?

Window treatments in natural materials are well-suited for a modern farmhouse aesthetic. They complement other natural materials, such as wide-plank floors, while adding texture to a room. Woven Wood Shades, for instance, are crafted from natural woods, reeds, bamboo and grasses, and are designed to minimize stretching, bowing and breaking.

What are the best window treatments for multifunctional spaces?

Another option that’s ideal for multifunctional spaces is the Top-Down/Bottom-Up operating system. Just like its name implies, you can open and close window treatments that have Top-Down/Bottom-Up functionality from either the top down, the bottom up, or in a combination of the two.

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