Is Hotaru dead Naruto?

Is Hotaru dead Naruto?

Hotaru Tsuchigumo is the Heiress of the Tsuchigumo Clan and the bearer of their forbidden Jutsu. She was the student of the Six-Tails Jinchuriki Utakata and after his death at the hand of the Second Generation of the Akatsuki she developed a strong hatred for the group.

What was wrong with Hotaru?

Naoko Takeuchi, the series creator, describes Hotaru as delicate, quiet, precocious and expressionless. In the manga, there was a lab accident which killed Hotaru’s mother, Keiko, and critically injured Hotaru.

What is Hotaru forbidden jutsu?

Synopsis. Shiranami uses the Tsuchigumo Style: Forbidden Life Technique Release: Creation of Heaven and Earth on Hotaru’s seal in order to have her gather the natural energy and chakra in the surrounding environment in order to gain the power necessary to use the Tsuchigumo clan’s kinjutsu.

Why does Utakata have bounty?

In the anime, it was shown that Kirigakure’s bingo book states that Utakata is worth a bounty of 5,000,000 ryō. In order to prevent the jinchūriki from becoming a traitor to his or her village, it is tradition for the host to be selected from the family of the village’s own Kage.

How old is Hotaru?

Hotaru’s age fluctuates during the series; she is first introduced as a 12-year-old, is reborn as an infant, quickly develops into a young child around 4, 5, or 8 then reaches her proper chronological age after a metaphysical epiphany.

Does Hotaru return?

While Germatoid’s personality completely overwhelmed that of Souichi Tomoe, Mistress 9 remained largely dormant in the resurrected Hotaru, only surfacing occasionally. Hotaru tried to return to a normal life, but, largely due to Mistress 9’s presence, she had become very frail and prone to mysterious seizures.

Why is Hotaru a baby?

In the anime, Hotaru is still a baby when her power floods Sailors Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, upgrading them and herself to their evolved Super forms.

Does Naruto know that utakata is a jinchuuriki?

In the anime, it was implied Utakata had been aware Naruto was a fellow jinchūriki; however, he didn’t truly find out until after his death and subsequent reincarnation during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Who is Hotaru in Naruto?

Hotaru ( ホタル, Hotaru) is a kunoichi from the Tsuchigumo Village and a member of the Tsuchigumo clan. She is also the granddaughter of the former leader of the Tsuchigumo clan, En no Gyōja . Hotaru met Utakata after he saved her from a group of ninja who were actually after him.

What episode does Utakata get captured in Naruto Shippuden?

In episode #324 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime, some of the events from this arc are recapped, including an extension of Utakata’s capture by Pain. This marks the first time the anime largely focuses on a past filler arc.

Why did Hotaru get mad at Utakata?

When the Magaki group came looking for the Tsuchigumo clan’s kinjutsu, Tonbee had Hotaru, along with Utakata, take the clan’s kinjutsu so that ninja could not retrieve it. While travelling, Utakata got upset at Hotaru for calling him master ( 師匠, shishō ), at which point Naruto arrived, believing Utakata to be attacking Hotaru.

Is Hotaru short or tall?

She is rather short, as shown when she is compared to Naruto . Hotaru using Water Release: Wild Water Wave. While only trained in some basics of ninjutsu from her grandfather and Tonbee, Hotaru has shown to have a natural talent for the art.

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