Is it safe to travel to Sayulita Mexico?

Is it safe to travel to Sayulita Mexico?

Sayulita used to be a sleepy little fishing village, now it’s a magnet for surfers, expats and digital nomads. It’s one of the safest places to travel in Mexico thanks to the efforts of local authorities to maintain law and order.

Is Sayulita Safe 2021?

For most travelers, yes, Sayulita is safe — however, no, it is not safe for everyone because quite frankly, no place on Earth is 100% safe! What can be said is this: Sayulita is known as one of the safest cities in Mexico for travelers, and one of the most safe places to live in Mexico by those who call it home.

Is Sayulita closed?

Sayulita remains open with no restrictions. Rapid results Covid tests are widely available.

Can you swim at Sayulita Beach?

April 17, 2019 Sayulita beach declared for safe swimming and recreational use – Sayulita is now the only beach town in the area that does not dump wastewater directly onto the beach.

Is Sayulita worth visiting?

The location. Sayulita serves as a great base for exploring the area. San Pancho (San Francisco) is just minutes up the coast and definitely worth a day trip or even longer for the food and fun. Don’t forget to take a trip out to see the Marieta Islands – pristine beaches created by volcanos in the middle of the sea.

What is Sayulita known for?

Sayulita is known for the colorful “Ojos de Dos” and “Papel Picado” (colorful flags) that grace it’s central streets. In 2019 Sayulita broke the world record of having the most “Ojos de Dios” ever on display and we plan to continue the tradition each year.

Should I visit Puerto Vallarta or Sayulita?

Vallarta’s a great place to visit, especially if you can come back at the end of the day to Sayulita, our peaceful–if at times rocking and rowdy—little pueblo. We love Puerto Vallarta, but we prefer Sayulita.

Is it worth going to Sayulita?

Can you drink the water in Sayulita?

The restaurants and bars in Sayulita use purified water for drinking, washing produce, and the ice is made from purified water as well, so no need to be nervous about ice in your margarita.

Are there crocodiles in Sayulita?

You have to walk through a jungle trail from the road to get to it, and it’s advised to carry your dog (if you have one like I did) because there’s actually crocodiles in a river there! The water here is much clearer than the Sayulita beaches, and it has some cool cliffside landscapes!

Why is Sayulita so popular?

Sayulita has long been a favorite surf spot in Mexico, dating all the way back to the 1960s when this sleepy little fishing village was “discovered” by surfers from the U.S. and Canada who wandered south of the border in search of good waves and mellow vibes.

Are there sharks in Sayulita?

Sayulita is an idilic Mexican town but very busy. The majority are American tourists and the beach is super crowded. No sharks, no jelly fish, just relentless beach vendors. It’s an ultra fun and safe place for boogey boarding or just playing in the waves on non-windy days.

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