Is it safe to walk around San Jose Costa Rica?

Is it safe to walk around San Jose Costa Rica?

Avoid walking around at night (especially in the San Jose city center). Stay alert: crowded tourist attractions and resort areas popular with foreign tourists are also common venues for criminal activities. Steer clear of deserted properties or undeveloped land. Walk or exercise with a companion.

How far is San Jose Costa Rica from a beach?

From San Jose, Playas del Coco is 244 kilometers (152 miles), about a 4.5 hour drive. Playas del Coco is the closest beach town to an international airport in Costa Rica.

How far is San Jose Costa Rica to the beach?

Do you tip in Costa Rica?

In Costa Rican eateries, tipping is optional, though it’s polite to offer an additional sum if you feel your server exceeded your expectations or went the extra mile to ensure you were happy with your meal.

What are some attractions in San Jose Costa Rica?

San Jose Attractions. San Jose’s museums and churches promise insight into the country’s past and present, from contemporary art and jade jewelry to towering steeples and stained glass. Visit the country’s first airport, where art now hangs on the walls, or a bullet-riddled remembrance of Costa Rica’s civil war, which today houses…

What are the best tourist attractions in Costa Rica?

Canopy tours are one of the most popular tourist attractions of Costa Rica. From a zip-line, tram, tower, or bridge, visitors can really see the rich diversity of the stunning natural life all over Costa Rica. The canopy is home to vast numbers of birds, monkeys, plants, and more.

What is there to do in San Jose?

San Jose hosts a bunch of attractions that don’t take too long to enjoy: Burn an hour or two downtown at the San Jose Museum of Art and the Children’s Discovery Museum. And if you (and your kids) are itching for a hands-on way to learn about Silicon Valley’s computer industry, check out the Tech Museum of Innovation.

What to see in San Jose?

Things To Do In San Jose. San Jose’s vibrant downtown is bursting with culture and houses both the Tech Museum of Innovation and the San Jose Museum of Art. Discover the quirky side of the city with a movie at the Retro Dome, a giant game of Monopoly in the Park, or a fancy drink at one of San Jose’s many speakeasies.

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