Is Kepler 440b habitable?

Is Kepler 440b habitable?

Kepler-440b (also known by its Kepler Object of Interest designation KOI-4087.01) is a confirmed super-Earth exoplanet orbiting within the habitable zone of Kepler-440, about 850 light-years (261 pc) from Earth.

Is Kepler 69b habitable?

Planets in the system Kepler-69 is a two planet system which was discovered by Kepler. Kepler-69 b is a planet in a 14 day orbit and too hot to sustain liquid water on the surface. However, the outer planet, Kepler-69 c, might be in the habitable zone.

How far away is Kepler 438b?

472.9 light years
Kepler-438b/Distance to Earth

How old is Kepler 20f?

8.8 billion years old
Kepler-20 is a Sun-like star in the constellation Lyra with a mass of 0.91 (± 0.03) M ☉ and a radius of 0.94 (± 0.06) R ☉, and is thought to be 8.8 billion years old, though there is a large uncertainty in its age.

Who discovered Kepler 62f?

Eric Agol

How long is a day on Kepler 62f?

Kepler-62f orbits its star at a distance of 0.718 AU (107,400,000 km; 66,700,000 mi) from its host star with an orbital period of roughly 267.3 days, has a mass at least 2.8x times that of Earth, and has a radius of around 1.41 times that of Earth….Kepler-62f.

Temperature Teq: 208 K (−65 °C; −85 °F)

How far away is Kepler 442b from Earth?

1,115 light years
Kepler-442b/Distance to Earth

What happened to the planets orbiting Kepler-11?

The planetary system orbiting Kepler-11, a yellow dwarf star about 2,000 light years from Earth, included six planets. NASA announced in February 2011 that these planets were larger than Earth, with the largest ones comparable in size to Uranus and Neptune. In 2011, Kepler suffered at least two safe mode events.

What is kekepler looking for?

Kepler was equipped to look for planets with size spans from one-half to twice the size of Earth (terrestrial planets) in the habitable zone of their stars where liquid water might exist in the natural state on the surface of the planet.

How did Kepler find the planets?

Kepler detected planets by observing transits, or tiny dips in the brightness of a star that occur when a planet crosses in front of the star. The spacecraft was basically a single instrument — a specially designed 3-foot (1-meter) diameter aperture telescope and image sensor array — with a spacecraft built around it.

What is the orbit of the Kepler space probe?

Credit: NASA/Ames Research Center Kepler was launched at 03:49:57 UT March 7, 2009, into an initial Earth orbit at 115 × 115 miles (185 × 185 kilometers) at a 28.5-degree inclination. After another first stage burn, the second stage fired to set Kepler on an escape trajectory into solar orbit.

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