Is L 4 Micro 3 Mount?

Is L 4 Micro 3 Mount?

No. It’s physically not possible. See Flange focal distance – Wikipedia for details of the flange distance (but, sadly, currently not other dimensions). μFT is 19.25 mm, L mount is 20 mm.

Are micro four thirds cameras good?

If you are a more casual photographer (or if you have difficulty holding heavy things), then the Micro Four Thirds camera is probably worth serious consideration given all the pros. Also, Micro 4/3 also makes an EXCELLENT camera for even professional travel, street, or event photographers.

How big is a Micro Four Thirds sensor?

Micro Four Thirds – A Micro Four Thirds camera has a 4:3 aspect ratio. Physically, the camera sensors are 17.3mm wide by 13mm high.

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