Is Lake Macquarie safe to swim in?

Is Lake Macquarie safe to swim in?

Lake Macquarie has patrolled beaches that are popular with surfers and swimmers alike. One of Lake Macquarie’s top swimming beaches, Blacksmiths is protected by a breakwall that offers excellent access for fishing in Swansea Channel.

Is Lake Macquarie contaminated?

Australia’s largest coastal salt water lake, known as Awaba to the Aboriginal people of the lands of the Awabakal nation, Lake Macquarie is at grave risk of increasing levels of mercury contamination, from both the particulate matter emitted by the coal plants and from their ash dams, which also sit on the Lake’s …

Are there sharks in Tuggerah Lakes?

“Tuggerah Lakes is only about 12 kilometres long and five kilometres wide. “It’s not a big lake but it’s a bloody big shark, if it’s true. ” The shark was last seen heading south towards the middle of the lake, Chief Inspector Winmill said.

Are there crabs in Lake Macquarie?

Lake Macquarie’s a well known fishing spot with mulloway, huge flathead and the odd kingfish, and there’s also blue swimmer crabs and mud crabs on offer. Normally people have to use a trap known as a ‘witches hat’ to catch these crabs.

Are crab traps allowed in Lake Macquarie?

Crab traps are permitted in Lake Macquarie in waters where recreational nets (hoop nets, witches hats) are permitted, on a trial basis for two years. This includes implementation of a maximum trap entrance size of 32cm to mitigate the risk of turtle entanglement.

Is boolaroo contaminated?

More than a century of lead and zinc smelting at the former Pasminco site at Boolaroo has left a legacy of soil contamination in northern Lake Macquarie. The Bunker Hill lead and zinc smelter ceased operating in the early 1980s.

Is Lake Macquarie a salt water lake?

Lake Macquarie or Awaba is Australia’s largest coastal salt water lake. Located in the Hunter Region of New South Wales, it covers an area of 110 square kilometres (42.5 sq mi) and is connected to the Tasman Sea by a short channel.

Where is Awaba house?

The site of Awaba House forms part of land at Teralba originally granted to Captain James Ranclaud. Ranclaud was granted 2560 acres of land on August 13 1829, and a further 914 acres on February 9 1830. This land extended along the shores of Lake Macquarie northwards from Marmong Creek to the Five Islands and inland for some distance.

Do You Remember the orchard in Awaba Park?

Mr Kildey remembers an orchard in the grounds of Awaba Park at the time of its occupance by Thomas Braye. Other sources conjecture that it may have been planted originally by the Brayes, although whether this occurred after the construction of the new house in 1928 is not known.

What happened at Awaba house in Booragul?

An intense blaze has ripped through an iconic Lake Macquarie heritage home in a matter of hours Sixty firefighters and 12 trucks battled the fire at Awaba House in Booragul, on the New South Wales north coast, on Tuesday evening Prior to the fire, Awaba House boasted its heritage-style roof, leadlight glass windows and art-deco interior

What happened to Lake Macquarie’s old art gallery?

Lake Macquarie City Council acquired the property in November 1995 from the Hunter Area Health Service,as a temporary home for the city’s art gallery. The gallery originally occupied Awaba House on this site from 1996 to 2000 when a decision was made to construct the new state-of-the-art facility.

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