Is Menzerna water based?

Is Menzerna water based?

Menzerna polishing compounds are capable of removing 2500 grit sanding marks with minimal or no loss of surface gloss! Besides being exceedingly surface friendly, the polishes are water-based and silicone-free. They are ideal for use on new paint finishes in a body shop or manufacturing environment.

How do you use Menzerna 300?

Directions for use: Use a hard foam cutting pad or lambswool pad. Apply 1-2 pea-sized drops to the pad. Place pad against paintwork & start polisher on a slow speed to spread the product. Work product on a medium speed, (3-4), gradually increasing speed as appropriate until an oily film appears.

How do you use Menzerna 3800?

Directions for use: Use a medium or soft foam pad (depending on the level of cut required) If using a DA polisher, apply 3-4 pea-sized drops to the pad. If using a rotary polisher, apply 1-2 pea-sized drops to the pad. Place pad against paintwork & start polisher on a slow speed to spread the product.

What does heavy cut compound do?

Heavy Cut Polishes, also known as Compounds, are designed to remove surface material quickly. Using a Compound is beneficial if your paint is dull from sanding, is littered with acid rain damage, has deep scratches or is severely oxidized.

Which is the best cutting compound?

The Best Cutting Compound 2022

  • Farecla G3 Advanced Liquid Compound.
  • 3M Perfect-it III Extra Fine Cutting Compound.
  • Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound.
  • Mother’s Professional Rubbing Compound.
  • Sonax Cutmax Abrasive Cut & Finish.
  • Turtle Wax T-230A Cutting Compound.

What is the difference between rubbing compound and cutting compound?

Rubbing Compound Both compounds can fix scratches by removing a thin layer of the clear coat. The difference lies in the abrasives. A rubbing compound has finer abrasives or “grit” in comparison with cutting compounds. Cutting compounds have coarser and harder abrasives, thus the name “cutting”.

How do you use Menzerna super finish plus 3800?

How do you use Menzerna 3500?

Mist the Wolfgang German Polish N Wax Applicator with DP Pad Conditioner to moisten the foam. Apply a nickel size amount of Menzerna Super Finish SF-3500 to the applicator. Work in a back and forth, overlapping motion until the area starts to dry. Wipe off the polish with a damp Cobra Microfiber Towel.

Is Jescar the same as Menzerna?

Developed by Jescar, and formerly known as Menzerna USA Paint Refresh, Jescar Color Lock is the same product you know and love – just a different name! Jescar, formerly known as Menzerna USA, has quickly made a name for itself when it comes to quality car care. Jescar Color Lock!

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