Is phlox a good ground cover?

Is phlox a good ground cover?

Phlox are perennials and a favorite choice—from ground cover blooming in early spring to the tall phlox blooming in mid- to late summer. Low-growing phlox work great as a ground cover. Tall phlox are excellent as a colorful backdrop. Medium-height varieties can fill in any gaps.

How fast does phlox spread?

Like other ground covers,creeping phlox takes a few years to reach maturity — about two years on average, according to the North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension. This means it grows an average of about an inch per month.

Is garden phlox invasive?

Tall garden phlox is a very popular well behaved late season blooming perennial but its evil twin with the same five-petal flower arrangement is highly invasive.

Can you divide creeping phlox?

It’s easy to divide. Spread the foliage apart and cut through the roots along the dividing line, which you can see in the top photo at left, making sure all the roots on the division are severed from the main plant. Then use a trowel to loosen the roots and release the division from the ground so you can lift it.

Does ground cover phlox bloom all summer?

Many types of phlox plants make for excellent ground cover and promise blooms from the early months of spring, right through to the later months of summer. Plus, these pretty plants are fairly easy to plant, grow and care for.

How to grow creeping phlox groundcover?

Phlox Ground Cover. Creeping phlox (Phlox subulata),is a short,spreading relative of upright garden phlox.

  • Growing Phlox Subulata. Creeping phlox grow best in sunny areas,although they will also do well in areas of mixed sun and shade.
  • Caring for Creeping Phlox.
  • How do you plant Phlox?

    Dig a hole twice the width and the same depth of the potted phlox plant. Add compost to the hole and place the plant in so the top of the root ball is at the same level as the ground. Fill soil around the plant and gently pack in place. Set the plants 1 ½ to 2 feet apart. Water plants generously after planting.

    Is Phlox a perennial plant?

    Phlox paniculata (perennial phlox) is originally from North America and is a widely used border plant with many different cultivars available. Reaching nearly 1m Phlox paniculata is a summer flowering perennial with flowers varying from white through to purple.

    When can I Divide garden phlox?

    Divide phlox while it still looks healthy. As a rule of thumb, allow the diameter of the plant cluster to grow to the same width as the plant’s height before dividing it. Divide phlox in early spring, late summer or early fall.

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