Is RE5 bad?

Is RE5 bad?

RE5 isn’t a bad game, nor is it even a bad Resident Evil game. When everything lines up right it really does work, and as a co-op game, especially couch co-op, it’s a great experience.

Is RE5 connected to re4?

Along with a story that ties up old and new plots, several narrative links and refining the control scheme, Resident Evil 5 really did a lot for the series moving forward. When all this is taken into account, Resident Evil 5 truly is a masterful successor to Resident Evil 4.

What country is RE5?

Resident Evil 5 is set in an imagined African country, in and around the town of Kijuju, where it continues with the established Resident Evil storyline. form, while textual analysis relates to signification and to the game as actualised in play.

Why is Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries so good?

Resident Evil 5’s Mercenaries mode is exceptional because of one feature unique in this installment: co-op. You can tackle hordes of enemies and string together combos all with a friend by your side, making that top score a little more obtainable and a little more fun to get.

Which game is better RE4 or RE5?

Resident Evil 5 is objectively better looking, and not just by virtue of coming out later and on more powerful hardware. The visuals hold up better than its predecessor, the environments are more varied, and there are more enemies.

What happens between RE4 and RE5?

Between the games Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, so much happened. After all, RE4 had Leon Kennedy explore a remote Spanish village with seemingly-“conscious” zombies. Meanwhile, RE5 takes Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar to Africa to investigate a mysterious virus.

Where is re4 located?

The story is supposed to take place in Spain, but the Spanish spoken by the village people is the Mexican dialect (which has a very different pronunciation).

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