Is Steven Slate Drums worth it?

Is Steven Slate Drums worth it?

For me, Steven Slate Drums are the best sounds out there. I prefer them to Superior Drummer / EZ Drummer / Addictive Drums etc and I think the value for money is incredible. However, the interface is pretty terrible. I was really excited when they announced a UI overhaul from SSD4 to SSD5, but really nothing changed.

Are Steven Slate Drums processed?

The samples are unprocessed with the exception of slight EQ and compres- sion. They were the first Steven Slate samples with almost no processing. The only processing is a small mid cut in some of the samples.

How do I download Steven Slate Drums?


  1. Download the Slate Audio Center from your Slate Audio account:
  2. Double click on the Slate Audio Center application.
  3. Open Slate Audio Center. Then log in using the credentials for your Slate User account. -On the front menu click “Steven Slate Drums 5.5 Free”.

Does Steven Slate Drums require iLok?

Steven Slate Drums 5 software is licensed with iLok. That means to use it, you will need to connect its iLok license to your computer either on your hard drive or an iLok USB stick.

What is Drumagog?

Drumagog is a software plug-in which replaces acoustic drum tracks with your choice of other samples. But Drumagog also offers the “secret weapons” top mix engineers use to give hit records polish and power.

Can I add my own samples to SSD5?

The OneShotSamplesData folder is automatically selected as your SSD5. 5 includes two preinstalled WAV samples. To add your own sample folders, the “Add” button and locate the desired folder. Then drag samples to the empty cells.

Does Drumagog come with samples?

Drumagog 5 comes with a number of drum samples, including the new Smart Studio . gogs (with Room Samples). The free library also contains other new sounds from existing 3rd party sound designers, like Supersonic Samples, Dan’s House, Farview Recording, and MoReVoX.

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