Is sustainable agriculture and answer for waste management?

Is sustainable agriculture and answer for waste management?

Answer. Answer: Sustainable agriculture is farming in sustainable ways, which means meeting society’s present food and textile needs, without compromising the ability for current or future generations to meet their needs.

Is organic farming sustainable?

Since it does not include the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, organic agriculture is very sustainable in many aspects. Organic farms tend to have more fertile soil, use less energy, and sequester more carbon. This being said, organic farm practices are not necessarily always the most sustainable option.

What natural resources can be protected through use of sustainable agriculture?

In addition to improving soil quality, cover crops slow runoff, crowd out weeds, prevent nitrogen leaching, provide habitat for wildlife and beneficial organisms, and can even be grazed or harvested.

How does organic farming promote sustainable development?

Organic farming is a sustainable farming system which maintains the long term fertility of the soil and uses loss of the earth’s finite resources to produce high quaility, nutritious food. Organic farming helps in getting safe, healthy and nutritious food.

Which of the following is not the component or goal of sustainable agriculture?

Which of the following is not the component or goal of sustainable agriculture? Explanation: The sustainable agriculture is moving around three main components or goals—environmental health, economic profitability, and social and economic equality. Hence, D is the correct option. 9.

When did sustainable agriculture start?


How does sustainable agriculture affect the environment?

Agriculture often places significant pressure on natural resources and the environment. Sustainable agricultural practices are intended to protect the environment, expand the Earth’s natural resource base, and maintain and improve soil fertility.

Why do we emphasize that organic farming creates a sustainable life style for future generations?

1. It helps to maintain environment health by reducing the level of pollution. 2. It reduces human and animal health hazards by reducing the level of residues in the product.

What are the two main objectives of sustainable development?

The development which can be maintained for a longtime without undue damage to the environment. Two objectives :i To provide the economic well being to the present and future generation. ii To maintain a healthy environment and life support system.

What are the effects of sustainable agriculture?

When agricultural operations are sustainably managed, they can preserve and restore critical habitats, help protect watersheds, and improve soil health and water quality. WWF identifies and implements better management practices for agriculture.

What is the sustainable development?

Sustainable development is the overarching paradigm of the United Nations. The concept of sustainable development was described by the 1987 Bruntland Commission Report as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

How does sustainable agriculture affect the economy?

Not only does sustainability save money by saving fuel, minimizing waste and using inputs precisely, it also answers consumer demand, building relationships to ensure profitability in the future.

How does organic farming benefit the environment?

Organic farming in principle discourages the use of harsh chemicals and therefore, contributes towards the preservation of the natural environment. In fact, research studies have revealed that organic farming can eliminate about 500 million pounds of pesticides and chemicals from entering into the environment annually.

What are the practices of sustainable agriculture?

Sustainable farming or Sustainable agriculture helps the farmers innovate and employ recycling methods, apart from the conventional perks of farming. A very good example of recycling in sustainable farming would be crop waste or animal manure. The same can be transformed into fertilizers that can help enrich the soil.

Why do we need sustainable agriculture?

Conserves Natural Resources & Promotes Healthier Ecosystems Employing sustainable agricultural practices ensures that natural resources like water, electricity, air etc. Sustainable agricultural practices promote healthy ecosystems, as everything and everybody flourishes in a balanced environment.

Does organic farming contribute to the environment in terms of sustainable food production?

Organic agriculture contributes to mitigating the greenhouse effect and global warming through its ability to sequester carbon in the soil. The more organic carbon is retained in the soil, the more the mitigation potential of agriculture against climate change is higher.

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