Is the June 2021 Regents Cancelled?

Is the June 2021 Regents Cancelled?

To meet the federal government’s requirements, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) has canceled all but four of the Regents exams previously scheduled for June 2021. All other Regents exams are canceled for June. …

Are Regents Cancelled June 2022?

New York State Education Department announces January 2022 Regents Exams canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic. No decisions have been made regarding the June and August 2022 administrations of Regents Exams or any other state assessment programs.

Are the Regents Cancelled for 2021 NY?

The state of New York cancelled the January Regents exam on Tuesday and said it would seek modifications to high school graduation requirements for students who were supposed to take the test.

What Regents are being given 2021?

Regents examinations required under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act or ESSA (English Language Arts, Algebra I, Earth Science and Living Environment) will be administered during the month of June 2021. (Again, passing or taking the exams are not required; only passing the course is required to receive credit).

Is the physics Regents Cancelled?

For physics, the cancellation will not affect the current curriculum or grading system. The Advanced Physics course will still continue to include topics from the Physics Regents exam, the SAT II Physics exam, and the AP Physics 1 exam. “The students will be able to take the Physics Regents exam in January of 2021.”

What regents do 9th graders take?

Students must pass Regents examinations as follows:

  • Comprehensive English.
  • Global History and Geography.
  • United States History and Government.
  • One (1) in Mathematics (Integrated Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Mathematics A* or Mathematics B*); and.
  • One (1) in Science.

What is the point of Regents exams?

The New York State (NYS) Regents Exams are a set of required tests administered to students in the state of New York, which allow them to receive a high school diploma after passing. Learn more about the subjects covered on the Regents, minimum passing scores, and how to fully prepare to do your best on test day.

Are Regents Cancelled?

The January 2022 administration of the High School Regents Examination Program is cancelled due to the ongoing COVID–19 pandemic, State Education Commissioner Betty A.

Are the Physics Regents Cancelled for 2021?

At the upcoming Board of Regents meeting on March 15, Education Department officials will propose canceling the remaining six Regents exams scheduled for June 2021: algebra II, geometry, global history and geography, United States history and government, chemistry and physics.

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