Is the vault scene in Fast Five real?

Is the vault scene in Fast Five real?

Jack explains how the stunt team and director Justin Lin created the scene with largely practical effects including a real 9,000 pound steel vault dragged behind two Dodge Chargers. I was the stunt coordinator on Fast Five.

How did they film Fast 5 vault scene?

To pull off the heist and subsequent chase, stunt coordinator Jack Gill built multiple vaults, including one that had a pickup truck inside. Special cameras mounted on the filming crews’ cars were able to capture all angles of the sequence, and special effects served as the glue that held the entire stunt together.

How much of Fast Five is CGI?

It’s easy to pass over-the-top scenes like this off as fancy CGI work with computers, but 98 percent of the entire scene features a real 9,000-pound vault that two Dodge Chargers towed.

In which Fast and Furious movie do they steal the vault?

Fast Five Stealing The Vault Scene.

Can a car pull a bank vault?

Probably not,” Kelley estimated. According to our calculations, even when assuming that no work is being done by friction (i.e., there is no friction keeping the vault from moving), it would be impossible to get the vault up to speed as fast as it happens in the movie.

How much does the safe weigh in Fast Five?

We started contacting different companies, asking, “How big would the bank vault really be?” We got anywhere from 8 to 10 feet wide, 10 to 14 feet long, probably 8 feet high. They weigh 80 to 100 thousand pounds.

Did they use CGI in Fast and Furious 9?

Director Justin Lin, who helmed four other movies in the franchise as well as F9, refused to use CGI cars. However, using CGI would be a lot more cost-effective, as the Fast and Furious series has destroyed over a thousand cars at this point, which surely adds up to a pretty penny.

What happened to Dom’s son?

Marcos was kidnapped along with his mother, Elena, and used to blackmail Dom into betraying his crew and cooperate with Cipher, a notorious cyberterrorist keen on starting a nuclear war. However, he was later rescued by Deckard and Owen Shaw. After the rescue, Dom named him after Brian O’Connor.

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