Is there a free version of ReCap?

Is there a free version of ReCap?

ReCap Pro and ReCap (free) are the same desktop application with the same download and contain both the free and term-based subscription service (pro) features.

Is ReCap free for students?

Free educational access is only for educational purposes. For-profit use requires a paid subscription plan.

Is Autodesk photo ReCap free?

As an EDU user, you get ReCap Pro and ReCap Photo desktop apps free. You are, however, limited to 100 photos per project for cloud processing.

How do I download ReCap images?

ReCap Pro can be downloaded from the product page at as a trial or you can log in using your Autodesk ID. To install ReCap Pro you must have an Autodesk ID. Once the executable is downloaded, you can launch the executable and will have the option to install ReCap Photo.

Is ReCap cloud based?

ReCap Photo, a cloud-based service of ReCap Pro, processes drone photography to create digital representations of current conditions.

What is Autodesk ReCap use for?

ReCap Photo is an Autodesk 360 service designed to create high resolution 3D data from photos to enable users to visualize and share 3D data. By leveraging the power of the cloud to process and store massive data files, users can upload images on Autodesk 360 and instantly create a 3D mesh model.

How much does recap 360 Pro cost?

The Pro functions are free for the duration of the trial period. After which you can upgrade or just continue using the regular Recap functions ( Compare ReCap 360 vs. ReCap 360 Pro ).

How do I update ReCap Pro to the latest version?

If you have Autodesk Desktop App installed on the machine, it would show ReCap Pro and its updates (if any) available for download Press the ‘Install’ button to install the latest ReCap version Please use the serial number as mentioned in your subscription. These are also available in your Autodesk Account

What is ReCap Pro 3D scanning software?

Use ReCap™ Pro 3D scanning software to transform the physical world into a digital asset. With reality capture data you can better understand and verify existing and as-built conditions to gain insights and make better decisions.

How many computers can I install ReCap Pro on?

With a subscription to ReCap Pro software, you can install it on up to 3 computers or other devices. However, only the named user can sign in and use that software on a single computer at any given time. Please refer to the Software License Agreement for more information.

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