Is there a special tool for tensioner pulley?

Is there a special tool for tensioner pulley?

The GEARWRENCH® Serpentine Belt Tool Set with Locking Flex-Head Ratcheting Wrench is designed for installing or removing the serpentine belt on vehicles with a spring-loaded belt tensioner pulley. The improved ratcheting wrench with 5-positions delivers better access as it can be adjusted to get around obstructions.

Is there a tool to put on a serpentine belt?

Snap a long-handled ratchet or a serpentine belt tool into the square 1/2-in. -drive or 3/8-in. -drive opening. Or use a socket on the hex-shaped protruding nut.

What tools do I need to change my serpentine belt?

Tools/Supplies Needed:

  1. ratchet and socket set.
  2. torque wrench.
  3. new replacement belt.
  4. new tensioner.
  5. new pulley.
  6. wrench set.
  7. jack and axle stands or ramps.

Is the tensioner pulley supposed to move?

Appearance: Cycle the tensioner (mounted on the engine) through the entire range of motion (from stop to stop) by applying torque to the arm with a wrench. The tensioner arm should move smoothly and freely. Solution: If you notice a binding, sticking or grinding tensioner arm, the tensioner should be replaced.

How long does it take to replace a tensioner pulley?

What Is Tensioner Pulley Replacement? Replacing the pulley should only take an hour or two, and the parts will vary in cost from one type of car to the next.

How do you install a serpentine belt?

Install a serpentine belt by removing the upper fan shroud, removing the old belt, threading the new belt around the pulleys and moving the tensioner to slide the belt over it. Turn off the engine prior to installation.

How do you replace a serpentine belt tensioner?

Generally, the serpentine belt is held in place by a spring tensioner. To remove the belt, you have to release the spring tensioner pulley, which is usually by using a socket or wrench. While the tensioner pulley is loose, you remove the serp belt and replace it with a new one.

Is the idler pulley and tensioner pulley the same?

The physical difference between an idler pulley and a tensioner pulley is a simple adjustable bolt. Tensioner pulleys are mounted on this bolt, and idler pulleys are not. They also differ in purpose. Idler pulleys spin in order to move belts to different places.

What is a serpentine tensioner?

A serpentine belt tensioner, also commonly referred to as an accessory belt or drive belt tensioner, is a spring-loaded or hydraulic automatic adjusting device that—along with pulleys—is responsible for generating and maintaining the proper amount of tension on a vehicle’s serpentine belt…

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