Is thrikkakara municipality or panchayat?

Is thrikkakara municipality or panchayat?

Thrikkakkara is a region in the city of Kochi, as well as a municipality in Ernakulam District in the Indian state of Kerala, India. The municipality comprises 43 wards, including Marottichuvadu.

How many wards are there in thrikkakara?

43 wards
There are 43 wards in Thrikkakara Municipality and has a population of 71,319.

How many wards are there in Ernakulam district?

District : Ernakulam

Sl No Localbody Name No. of Wards
1 Aikaranad Grama Panchayat 14
2 Alangad Block Panchayat 13
3 Alangad Grama Panchayat 21
4 Aluva Municipality 26

What is the old name of thrikkakara?

Thrikkakara Vamanamoorthy Temple (also referred as Thirukatkarai Vamanamoorthy) is one of the few Hindu temples in India dedicated to Lord Vamana/Vishnu….Thrikkakara Temple.

Thrikkakara Vamanamoorthy Kshethram
Type Dravidian architecture (Kerala style)

Is Ernakulam a municipality?

Municipalities. Interestingly, Ernakulam district has the most number of municipalities in the state.

Who is Ernakulam MLA?

Ernakulam (State assembly constituency)

82 Ernakulam
Existence 1957 – present
Reservation None
Electorate 1,64,534 (2021)
Current MLA T. J. Vinod

Who is thodupuzha MLA?

Thodupuzha (State Assembly constituency)

90 Thodupuzha
Current MLA P.J Joseph
Party Kerala Congress
Political Front UDF
Elected Year 2021

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