Is Vastu Shastra applicable for flats?

Is Vastu Shastra applicable for flats?

Is Vastu applicable for flats? Yes Vastu is as applicable to flats as it is to houses. Incorrect flat Vastu can cause serious health and financial problems.

Which floor is best to live in apartment as per Vastu?

If the floor of the north, east or North East direction is a bit lower compared to the other areas of the house, this is considered lucky. Always keep the bedroom or any other room situated in the South or West zone a bit high because this gives favourable results and is considered lucky.

Which facing flat is best?

Ans: The best facing for flat and its entrance are North-east and east directions. This will allow the best positive energy to enter your space. If your flat-facing direction is not Vastu compliant, there is nothing to worry about until all the other rooms are as per Vastu principles.

Which direction should my apartment face Vastu?

Step 1: Stand at the entrance door of your home facing outside (as if you’re going out of your home). Step 2: Record the direction you are facing, using a compass, while you are in the position mentioned in step 1. and there you are, the direction that you have just noted in step 2 is the direction your house faces.

Which floor is best in apartment?

The first floor is probably ideal if you have kids, dogs, or make big grocery hauls. Depending on the apartment complex, bottom floor units are sometimes less expensive. They’re also more likely to be vacant than more desirable top floor apartments. Safety on the first floor comes with a significant win.

Which floor is not good as per Vastu?

Vastu experts say that apartments above the fourth floor are devoid of the water element and must be not be bought to avoid problems in career or relationships. The Vastu defect can be rectified using sea shells as part of your home décor.

Which floor is best in high rise building?

ground floor
If you are buying a property for an investment purpose, the ground floor is the best floor in high rise building for you. People, especially in Mumbai and Bengaluru, prefer upper floors, while buyers in Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR) and Chennai prefer ground floors.

Which facing flat is good for sunlight?

A North or East-facing flat with windows and balconies in either of these two directions is ideal. The morning sunlight brings positivity and is rich in ultraviolet rays. While afternoon infrared rays are harmful for health so having windows and entrance in South or west is not recommended.

What is brahmasthana in Vastu?

What is Brahmasthan: The Apex of Vastu Although all aspects of Vastu Shastra are equally important, Brahmasthan is the principal zone of Vastu. As the name suggests, Brahmasthan is believed to be the domain of the creator of the Universe, Lord Brahma, and hence, is considered as the holiest and most powerful zone of the architecture.

What does Shastra mean?

Shastra (शास्त्र, IAST : Śāstra, IPA: [ʃaːst̪rə]) is a Sanskrit word that means “precept, rules, manual, compendium, book or treatise” in a general sense. The word is generally used as a suffix in the Indian literature context, for technical or specialized knowledge in a defined area of practice.

Is Vaastu Shastra scientific?

Vastu Is A Science. Vastu Shastra is the sublime elucidation of your surrounding and their influence on your life. Vastu literally means ” house” or Dwelling Place and its principles establish to create a harmony between the fine elements viz. Earth, Sky, Fire, Water and Air in the environment.

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