Is Wolfgang Puck the same as Wolfgang Zwiener?

Is Wolfgang Puck the same as Wolfgang Zwiener?

Aside from the fact that the two restaurateurs share the same first name, Mr. Zwiener’s steakhouses are very different from Mr. Puck’s restaurants. The restaurants look nothing alike.

Who owns Wolfgang’s Steakhouse?

Peter Zweiner
Peter Zweiner, founder of Wolfgang’s Steakhouse in the US, has a simple recipe for success: buying the best steak, ageing it in-house, c ooking it without fuss and bringing it to the table.

What is Wolfgang Puck known for?

The name Wolfgang Puck is synonymous with the best of restaurant hospitality and the ultimate in all aspects of the culinary arts. The famed chef has built a brand that encompasses three companies: Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining Group, Wolfgang Puck Catering, and Wolfgang Puck Worldwide, Inc.

Is Peter Luger still alive?

Deceased (1866–1941)
Peter Luger/Living or Deceased

Does puck have a case against Wolfgang’s steakhouse by Zwiener?

The press release is long (and fully contained after the jump), but the basic rebuttal is that because Wolfgang’s Steakhouse by Wolfgang Zwiener has “by Wolfgang Zwiener” prominently placed on all the signage (in fact, it’s quite small compared to the Wolfgang’s Steakhouse font), and it’s been trademarked, Puck does not have a case.

Is Wolfgang Zwiener violating puck’s trademark?

Puck’s lawsuit seeks to stop Wolfgang Zwiener from using the name “Wolfgang’s Steakhouse by Wolfgang Zwiener” in connection with Mr. Zwiener’s recently opened steak house in Beverly Hills. Puck alleges in the lawsuit that Zwiener is violating Puck’s trademark and a 2007 agreement between Puck and Zwiener.

Is Peter Puck related to Peter Zwiener?

Busting through all the legalese and details, it’s also noted that Zwiener and Puck’s restaurants look nothing alike, and per Peter Zwiener: “My father has been universally known in the steakhouse business as Wolfgang for decades, long before Mr. Puck entered the restaurant business .” So there.

Did Wolfgang Zwiener sue Peter Luger?

Wolfgang Zwiener Responds to Wolfgang’s Lawsuit. Restaurateur Wolfgang Zwiener developed a national reputation in the steakhouse business through his highly-acclaimed Wolfgang’s Steakhouse restaurants in New York and more than 40 years of service as the former head waiter at world famous Peter Luger Steakhouse.

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