Is Yaounde bigger than Douala?

Is Yaounde bigger than Douala?

Yaoundé (UK: /jɑːˈʊndeɪ, -ˈuːn-/; US: /ˌjɑːʊnˈdeɪ/, French pronunciation: ​[ja. unde]) is the capital of Cameroon and, with a population of more than 2.8 million, the second-largest city in the country after the port city Douala.

What is the most populated town in Cameroon?

Its most populous city is Douala, the country’s main port city, with about 2.45 million residents. The capital of Cameroon and the second-largest city, Yaoundé, follows with a population of 2.44 million….Population.

Name 2021 Population
Douala 1,338,082
Yaounde 1,299,369
Garoua 436,899
Kousseri 435,547

What is another name for Yaounde?

Yaoundé, also spelled Yaunde, city and capital of Cameroon.

Which is the biggest region in Cameroon?

East Region
With 109,002 km² of territory, it is the largest region in the nation as well as the most sparsely populated….East Region (Cameroon)

East Region
Country Cameroon
Capital Bertoua
Departments Boumba-et-Ngoko, Haut-Nyong, Kadey, Lom-et-Djérem

What are the 3 most populated cities in Cameroon?

Cameroon – 10 Largest Cities

Name Population
1 Douala , Littoral 1,338,082
2 Yaoundé , Centre 1,299,369
3 Garoua , North 436,899
4 Kousséri , Far North 435,547

Which is the richest city in Cameroon?

Douala is the largest city in Cameroon, the capital of Cameroon’s Littoral Region and the richest city in the whole CEMAC region of six countries.

Who is the richest person in Cameroon?

Kate Kanyi-Tometi Fotso
Kate Kanyi-Tometi Fotso is a Cameroonian businesswoman who founded the largest cocoa exporter in Cameroon. Fotso, according to Forbes Africa, is the richest woman in Cameroon and the 20th richest person in the African Francophonie.

Which is the most beautiful town in Cameroon?

#1. Limbe. When talking of the most beautiful cities in Cameroon, Limbe is not an exemption. Limbe is formerly known as “Victoria” was founded by Alfred Saker in the year 1858.

Is there any green city in Cameroon?

The office of Green Cameroon is located in Buea Town, on the slopes of Mount Cameroon. The city is located on the eastern slopes of Mount Cameroon and has a population of around 100,000 citizens.

What is the population of Bafoussam in Greece?

Demographics. Since the early 2000s, the population of Bafoussam has been rapidly increasing. According to AFRICApolis project, led by e-GEOPOLIS, Bafoussam is the main centre of a Continuous Built-up Area which became a millionaire city in 2015 with a population of about 1,146,230 inhabitants.

What is the urban community of Bafoussam?

Originally called Urban Commune of Bafoussam, the communauté urbaine (Urban Community) of Bafoussam, was born after the Presidential Decree N ° 2008/022 of January 17, 2008 and composed of three communes, namely: the Commune of Bafoussam I (Bafoussam proper), the Commune of Bafoussam II ( Baleng) and the Commune of Bafoussam III ( Bamougoum ).

Is Bafoussam a millionaire city?

According to AFRICApolis project, leaded by e-GEOPOLIS, Bafoussam is the main centre of a Continuous Built-up Area which became a millionaire city in 2015 with a population of about 1,146,230 inhabitants. This places Bafoussam as the third largest city in Cameroon after Yaounde and Douala.

What is Bafoussam famous for?

Bafoussam is the West Region centre of trade, and people are farming coffee, Potatoes, maize and beans. The city has also a coffee processing facility and brewery. It is the main city of the Bamiléké people and is home to the Bafoussam chief’s palace.

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