Jasmine Trinca in three movies

Present in Cannes to accompany Fortunata of Sergio Castellitto, in which she played a young hairdresser who tries to bind the two ends to educate her daughter, we have the opportunity to meet Jasmine Trinca. The actress is returning to us on the three major roles in her development as an actress and staff.

The son’s Room (2001) Nanni Moretti

The son’s Room was an experience that was fatal, and a way, let’s say, special for a start in the cinema, with a character full of emotions and close enough to me. At the time, I was not at all a film buff, I liked rather the films of Spielberg or Zemeckis. So my encounter with Moretti was really in the truth, without fear or too much respect for the myth Moretti. This was before all the meeting of man and I can say that it has been very important in my career, not only as an actress, but in itself.

Our Best years (2003) by Marco Tullio Giordana

It was produced by the same people. After The son’s Room, two years have passed. And it is with Our Best years that I started to believe in the idea of being able to make cinema. Because, contrary to The son’s Room, where the character looked like me, he really had to consider someone else. Thereafter, Romanzo Criminal, I had a small role, but it was the temptation to make a cinema of entertainment that was very enjoyable.

The Apollonide (2011) by Bertrand Bonello

I had known Bertrand Bonello at the Lyon Festival, in 2007, to the first edition. Sorrentino we presented them in a bus, and he remained very discreet, did not speak. A year later, he wrote me a message to tell me that he was looking for an Italian for The Apollonide. For me, it was a time of work and total pleasure. I feel particularly connected to the film as compared to the other actresses, who have become friends. While generally there are rather a rivalry between actresses.

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