Juan Antonio Bayona and Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Sponsors of the 48th Week Of The Critic

Precursor, The Critics ‘Week says his passion for the film genre (Cronos, Mute Witness,” Junk Mail, ” Torrente, It Happened Near you, Calvary, Inside) featuring two Spanish directors that lead the dance of the fantastic cinema in the world.

Juan Antonio Bayona has a thirty achievements to its assets (video clips, advertisements and short films that Set homes by the Sea, 1999) and El Hombre Esponja, 2002), for which he has been rewarded several times. The Orphanage, her first feature film presented at the Week in 2007, marks the biggest record entries, halls upon its release in Spain with 14 nominations for the Goya.

The audience discovers that Juan Carlos Fresnadillo in 1997 when his Oscar nomination for his short film in black and white, Esposados, winner of forty national and international awards.

His first feature, Intacto, an adaptation of a novel by Primo Levy, the opening of The semaine De La Critique 2002 and won that same year, the Goya for the best young Spanish director. In 2007, his second film 28 Weeks Later (with Catherine mccormack and Robert Carlyle) is the sequel to 28 Days Later directed by Danny Boyle.

We invite you to discover the poster for the 48th edition and inform you already that the selection will be unveiled online on April 24, 2009 : www.semainedelacritique.com

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