JURASSIC WORLD : FALLEN, KINGDOM, Juan Antonio Bayona saves the furniture – Review

This second installment in the trilogy Jurassic World was supposed, on paper, take a turning interesting with the enthronement of its head, the director is spaniard Juan Antonio Bayona.

Sometimes, even, in the framework of a blockbuster ultra-friqué, the name of an author of racy behind the camera can be the source of excitement. This is the case with this Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdomsecond installment of a trilogy which started with Colin Trevorrow at the controls. If the latter, having left his place, it still remains in the area as a screenwriter and executive producer. The scenario precisely, is the big black stain of the film. We had a beautiful we sell during the marketing phase that the angle adopted lorgnait seriously on the side of the thriller thrillers, the end result dilutes considerably of these intentions in a sea of dirty tricks plot uninteresting. There has to say, while the beginning starts out by developing a discourse not of the most idiotic, echo slightly futuristic to contemporary debates about the rights of animals and their treatment. While the old park to the abandonment is being threatened by a volcano a burst, the american society wondered if she should save the dinosaurs, considered to be animals. A choice dangerous, allowing them to either cancel their technological advances to either take more risks vis-à-vis creatures are difficult to control.On this point of departure, malin, is the registry by following a tale of smuggling in which millionaires are snapping up dinosaurs millions. A narrative line that parasite-all the good things put in place during the first hour, including a sense of the amazing show, during the long sequence on the island, at the edge of the destruction. Juan Antonio Bayona goes through the string a lot of action scenes effective, built like a tower and crash rollercoaster, of which the apotheosis is an aquatic stage filmed from the inside of a bubble, in a single plan. The catalan director expresses all its virtuosity, formal, playing with the smoke, the lights, the plans sophisticated. It is easy to take the game to the generosity deployed, at the action level and at the level of the quota of dinosaurs summoned. It is far the time where Steven Spielberg sent sporadically on the front of the stage, its critters in Jurassic Park. Here, fans of dinosaurs should have for their money. The old usual, T-Rex included, are there to help. And then the big novelty is the Indoraptor, a specimen hybrid deadly, designed for the battle field.

If it doesn’t work, because of a scenario lourdingue, his release allows Juan Antonio Bayona to sign his most beautiful shots of camera. Helped by his faithful cinematographer Oscar Faura, it book finally what we had been promised was of this dinosaur is a bad guy worthy of a pure horror film. The last half hour is a summary of the proposals the paint to fall to the ground, evoking as much the gothic as German expressionism. As if a Murnau doped had filmed of the dinosaurs. Juan Antonio Bayona brings what he can of his european sensibility in a big american product. Those who are sensitive to his cinema will be pleased to find visual markers, a style of his own. Sold to death in the trailers, the scene in the room is the most beautiful example to illustrate how to Bayona to infuse his touch. Unfortunately, on the length, it is blocked by a script that seems to do not interested more than that – including when he handles a few themes that are inherent to his films through the character of little Maisie. He filmed the painstaking scenes without any thickness, so as to follow the sequence programmed on the paper, waiting to make you happy. The big regret is to see that such a talented formal is the service scenario is lame. The movie drags the leg narrativement for two hours, but, fortunately, he dares to in her last minutes usher in a turning point franc to the conclusion that looms on the horizon. Picking up just a small part of the Lost World had tried, the franchise, Jurassic World is headed for a third episode, eager to finally completely overcome a Park reduced to ashes. The film spends its time destroying the evidence of the past, whether the new island or the relics of another time trapped in the mansion. This trilogy will have to take risks in the final sprint, given the way that want to borrow the writers to position themselves as an entity in its own right – the choice of Bayona went in this direction. Bad news : Colin Trevorrow takes over the camera in hands, and continues to participate in the script. An ocean of possibilities offered to him. An ocean so vast, that the sinking would not be surprising.

Maxime Bedini

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JURASSIC WORLD : FALLEN, KINGDOM, Juan Antonio Bayona saves the furniture – Critical
Original title : Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdam

Realization : Juan Antonio Bayona

Screenplay : Colin Trevorrow, Derek Connolly

Main actors : Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Rafe Spall

Release Date : 6 June 2018

Duration : 2h08min

2.0final grade
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