Kérity – The House Of fairy Tales : Band-announcement

Here is the trailer of Kérity – The House Of fairy Tales

The pitch : Natanaël soon 7 years old, but he still does not know to read… When his aunt Eléonore leaves him her library containing hundreds of books, Natanaël is very disappointed!!

However, each of these tales will deliver a marvellous secret : at nightfall the small heroes, the lovely Alice, the wicked fairy Carabosse, the terrible captain Hook, out of the books…

They must prevent Natanaël that they are at great danger of disappearing forever.

To save his tiny friends and their stories, Natanaël, shrunk by the Fairy Carabosse, throws himself into the adventure !

He will face bravely the very deceitful Ramastou, the giant crabs, the Ogre hungry…

Happens to time to read the magic formula that will save them all ?

This is not because it is invented that it doesn’t exist !

Kérity – The House Of Tales was directed by Dominique Monféry (Franklin And the Treasure Of The Lake) and distributed by Haut Et Court (The Chaser, Not Me, Not Free to Me).

Release Date in cinemas : December 09, 2009

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