LISTEN UP PHILIP with Jason Schwartzman : the trailer

Voici the trailer for LISTEN UP PHILIP with Jason schwartzman and Elizabeth Moss (Mad Men, Top of The Lake). the actor played Philip, a writer in the tradition of Woody Allen, nervous about the approach of the release of his next novel. It will, therefore, some of the events potentially relaxing, as a break, or join a “mentor” arrogant in his country house.

A role more or less close to the one he had in Bored to Death, or he played a writer who would improvise a detective, which, however, was the opportunity to hang out with his best buddy and ask themselves existential questions, that address the problems of the other.

LISTEN UP PHILIP will be presented at the New York Film Festival, in the company of Gone Girl and Inherent Vice. The film will probably be released ever in France, but we love Jason Schwartzman, his phlegm, his class quiet… and Then because it is considered as the first hipster, because of Rushmore, Wes Anderson.

Original title : Listen Up Philip

Achievement : Alex Ross Perry

Screenplay : Alex Ross Perry

Main actors : Elisabeth Moss, Jason Schwartzman, Krysten Ritter

Country of origin : U. S. A.

Output : Unknown

Duration : 1h48min

Synopsis : Phillip is nervous at the approach of the release of his novel, which he is reluctant to promote. Enervé by the environment, its responsibilities, and the deterioration of his relationship with his girlfriend Ashley, he accepts the invitation from his idol, Ike Zimmerman, in his summer home where he hoped to rejuvenate.

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