MAD MAX : an introduction to stylish, a film that failed


MAD MAX – the embryo of a saga worship

Retrospective MAD MAX

– Reviewer : MAD MAX: FURY ROAD

See the first MAD MAX in 2015, it stings !

Time has not spared this first episode and it hurts to see as it is exceeded today at many levels. In his scenario, the effects of staging and editing. For the purposes of this retrospective, we decided to wrap the 3 strands. And this first installment is appeared as the lowest. The ambition, desired by the universe can’t take body. His pace failed despite its short duration (85 minutes) does not act as a cache-misère, and does not support the comparison with the 2, much higher.

Yet everything begins pleasantly with a pursuit race in 12 minutes, climb deftly, and which has the merit to make us plunge right into this universe where the Act is difficult to assert. The montage alterné presents Max as a figure silent, sure of itself in its combination of leather. From the outset, the character is posed. Without finesse, certainly, but in the mind badass of the film. The universe is still unclear although it could be awarded the contours of this society to the abandonment. The violence is uncompromising regardless of the side, and there are characters locked in both “good” (Dewey, using macaffee) than in the ” bad ” (Toecutter and his guys). Madness is a trademark of the franchise Mad Max, you will get to know many characters perched high and in color in the course of the adventures of our hero.

As was said by this dear Hitchcock, a good movie is a good villain. This is not the case of Toecutter and his gang. Their elks mi gay mid the children are more laughs to be credible threats. In the Face of the charismatic Max, they pale… thinking of the antagonists of the suites, they don’t support the comparison. Although the action scenes are effective and well-oiled, the film barely to fascinate in its plot. Juggling between the sentimental life and the life of the cop enabling us to establish a rather complete picture of Max. It would also be necessary that the two slopes are exciting and bursts with the patterns of conventional design. We are witnessing scenes already seen in a home contaminated by the work. And staging of the sinking of the moments instead of allowing for the emergence of emotion. We think of the scene where Max discovers what happened to Goose, to the hospital. This dolly with the crossfade on a fitting in the axis, to signify the horror made it all fall flat. Just like that, 1 minute after, when Max wakes up, and another dolly comes near his eyes horrified. These effects set the scene too exaggerated, combined with sound effects grandiloquents, dampen all the tension of a moment, though, so important psychologically for Max. A fight to the death of his wife.

“The time has not spared this first episode and it hurts to see as it is exceeded today…”

In short, MAD MAX is worth for its action scenes and the setup of the universe. It must be approached as an introduction to the following two and demonstrate a strong indulgence. The character of Max is placed with its traumas, its new way to approach this world without pity. The last quarter of an hour punctuates the film in a beautiful way, initiating the state of mind of the result that we would have liked to see more soon. It will remain as one of the first major roles for Mel Gibson’s excellent and marks the entry into the world of pop-culture franchise that has inspired many other works by the result. It is already that.





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Original title : Mad Max

Production : George Miller

Screenplay : James McCausland, George Miller, Byron Kennedy

Main actors : Mel Gibson, Joanne Samuel, Hugh Keays-Byrne

Country of origin : Australia

Released : January 13, 1982

Duration : 1h25min

Distributor : Warner Bros.

Synopsis : On the motorways deserted, of an Australia that was unrecognizable, a war without mercy opposes the bikers and outlaws and police Interceptor, which try to overcome the vermin at the wheel of cars with the engines overloaded. In this world in full decadence, the good, the evil, manichaeism disappear…

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