making a film : The best books to learn

You already have some knowledge of movies but feel the need to enrich them ? here is a list of quality books, written by professionals, to develop your skills in film-making, shooting, and in some cases, the post-production.

These books are comprehensive and allow students or filmmakers beginners to learn the basics, but also to rely on many concrete examples, to develop their technical skills and their approach to narrative cinema.

The narrative techniques of cinema

The book “The narrative techniques of cinema : The 100 greatest process that every developer needs to know” presents 100 examples of cinematic techniques that construct the story of a film. From Metropolis to Kill Bill, excerpts from scenarios of famous show you how to create characters, stimulating an action by the work of framing, camera movements, light… The strength of this guide for the use of writers, directors, and all moviegoers is to provide a translation simple and effective of how the cinema produces meaning.

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The plans for the cinema

A Simple approach such as presentation, “plans to film : The great effects of cinema as any director should know,” brings together nearly a hundred processes of framing, shooting, moving the camera or mounting, giving rise to an effect are described here. Some 150 references to the plans of anthology films, classic, recent, large or small budget, will allow all the fans to discover the behind-the-scenes, and strengthen their passion and intelligence of the film : 2001, a space Odyssey, Blade Runner, Blue Velvet, The Godfather, La Strada, cold Sweat, M. the Cursed, Rashomon, the Matrix, Titanic…

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Make his first film

We discover the different stages of the creation of the film, but not necessarily from the point of view of the director. It is especially a great way to understand the craft of the producer and other people involved in the creation of a film as the script supervisor or assistant director.

A perfect book for those who don’t want to end up silly when he sets foot for the first time on a film set or, more generally, in the world of cinema.

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Directing his first short film

All stages of the realization of a short film video 8 the development of the scenario distribution.

Many tips and tricks of the trade to overcome the technical difficulties and get a good result at a lower cost.

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The staging

The book of over 300 pages, unlike other works on the subject, is dense and comprehensive. It is necessary to wait more than 200 pages to address the chapter related to the shooting. Prior to this, over 50 pages are dedicated to the scenario. The idea is not to make more short what are already other books dedicated to the writing, but well to study the report of the director to the scenario

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A practical Guide to shooting video

This book allows you to understand and master the essential settings of a camera such as focus, depth of field, or white balance. Many tips on framing, shots and movements are provided throughout the book, for the reader to discover the basic rules of shooting. A DVD accompanies the book and contains a 30 minute film showing footage of the key concepts of a video shoot.

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Video course

The book “video Course – Material, turning, and shooting, post-production” presents a wide panorama of technologies for the video and the shooting : filming, camera movements, lighting, etc. as well as the essential aspects of the post-production.

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If you do not find your happiness with the current present on the site, these books should provide you with the missing elements in your knowledge to make a film.


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