Moozies : Become a producer of tv and movies !

Moozies offers users to participate in the pilot production of audiovisual…

Our vision is to make discover to the visitors a varied supply of television programmes of quality, and give the chance to authors who do not have access to the necessary financing to realize their projects.

Moozies wants to bring together the best of audiovisual production in French-and allow the public to be also at the origin of the funding of a tv movie. Leaving the opportunity for internet viewers to participate in the financing of projects that their like, and may be able to recover their investment or the multiply if the project has been a real success.

In a classical model we look at what we like to the television (or Internet Tv), and…nothing. With Moozies, all those who watch the TV programs presented by Moozies are involved in the success and pay of those who funded the movie.

Involve consumers in the selection and in the success of productions presented by Moozies, internet users become real “Producers” of Television. By deciding to bet on their favourite projects, they select television movies that will be produced, distributed, marketed and publicized in the media. Thus, they have the chance to earn money on the sales of projects they support.

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