Motion Sponsor : a site that makes you movie producers !

“Financing a film, share your dream” announces the subtitle of the site. Such is the slogan of Motion Sponsor, an internet site that allows you simply to be the producer of a movie…

How does it work ?

First of all, financing the film of your choice by registering on the site and completing your profile. Once the film is funded, your vested portion will give you access to the VIP area. You can follow the making of the movie day after day. The minimum bet is 25 euros.

Participate in really adventure of the film : Thanks to the many exclusive content (videos, interviews, photos…), the shooting of the movie will have no secrets for you because you are now the producer ! Choice of a poster, a musical theme, working on artistic choices : you have the floor. Enjoy !

Finally, you will be entitled of course to your name on the credits of the film upon its DVD release. A draw will allow some to attend a day on the shooting or post-production of the film. Finally, something that’s quite important, if thanks to you, the film is a success : 75% of net proceeds assigned to Motion Sponsor in the framework of the co-production of the film you will be re-distributed up to recovery of your investment. Beyond that, the recipes are divided equally between the website and you.

Note of course that this site is not only for the future producers but also for the filmmakers : if you feel your project to less than 1,000,000 euros, and if you want to see financed via this site, there is also a place for you !

3 films are currently in post-production in Motion Sponsor : The Horde by Yannick Dahan and Benjamin Rocher, The Wood Sales of Marc Sieger and Memories Corner by Audrey Fouché.

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