PADDINGTON : round-Table discussion with Guillaume Gallienne

Thursday 27 November, we met with Guillaume Gallienne on the occasion of the release of the film PADDINGTON de Paul King where he lent his voice to the legendary bear.

We took the opportunity to ask him a few questions !

How have you lived the experience change between Mr Peabody & Sherman and Paddington ?

I have not masked my voice unlike other films, such as, for example, the character of Lulu that I had incarnated in Sammy 2. About Mr Peabody, it’s a dad, contrary to Paddington which is a child. The engine of PADDINGTON ‘s naivety, but this is not a schmuck. It is in the discovery of everything, even emotions, serious, or even sad. He goes there, he finds the things he collects, it affects me a lot. I knew the books well before the movie. Moreover, the author (Michael Bond) was traumatized by children who were labeled during the War and the racism in London in the 1950s. These two subjects are treated very well in the film. It is a very poetic narrative, I have shed my tears several times by performing the dubbing. Ben Whishaw (lining original) makeup not his voice either.

According to you, is that English customs are respected in the film ? What is it that you like in English ?

They are present, but not too much. There is a balance. What I prefer in the English language, it is its sound and its strength. I love everything that is pretty cliche like the plaid, “A nice cup of tea, scones, etc, Even if I speak to my son in English on a daily basis, it is true that the English language fails me.

After Paddington, what are your plans ?

I was offered new roles, but I no longer wanted to do it before you have done my next feature film. The shooting of my next film will be in fall 2016. This is the story of a friend that I carry with me for the past 12 years. I know every silence, every breath of this story. This is a girl who has lived in a family that did not speak and who did welcomed person. Around the age of 20 years, she moved to Paris, but she had not the words to defend herself. It is, moreover, remained very simple. It is taking me a lot of work because I did not used to be in a universe modest. I am shared between the man of letters and man image during the writing of the scenario, I am looking for the ellipse. Given that the subject is humble, I want a budget humble.

If there is a sequel to Paddington, would you be a role for physical ?

I will continue to do the voice of Paddington, I don’t see myself replacing one of the characters physical. My favorite is Mr. Brown, it happens to remain sympathetic despite his comments sometimes really shocking. I love Mrs Bird also. I also have a special affection toward Mrs Brown, she is very original. I’m really crazy for his interpreter, Julie Walters, but somehow, she could read the Botin that I would love to. [laughter]

After several dubs of animated films (the extraordinary Journey of Samy, Sammy 2, Mr. Peabody and Sherman), do you have to have acquired a certain ease about the dubbing ?

This is not a matter of method but of energy. When I double, I immerse myself in my character. In general, I’m just a little taken because I remember the text quite easily. I speak into the microphone naturally without much follow the band rythmo. The dubbing is also something physical, because when your character runs, eats, and is out of breath, you need to know to make this same sensation. . According to the dubs, I make up more or less my voice. It is necessary to know how to transmit what you want the character to feel. France Inter has helped me to have the oral fluency because I never read my texts before the beginning of the show it can’t hurt.

What are your thoughts on the film ?

Nicole Kidman has me amazed ! It is a sincérite in his role, it is impressive. The difference between it and the world of film is crazy. You can feel the anger deep of a little girl badly bruised, I don’t know how she does it. I pull my hat for the last scene because to take the guy on the head and the entire body, it must be done ! [laughter] It is a straight thread and does not, in fact, never too. The power of play to all the actors impressed me. As for Paddington, it always has a brown fancy standing.

What is your opinion on the controversy of censorship british towards PADDINGTON ?

These people have a real problem, they should go to a minimum of two times per week [laughter]. The politically correct bétifie children in the extreme. He leads, yet has very good things such as the condemnation of racism and of the various discriminations. Unfortunately, this sentence condemns the travesty. It is a movie for the child and if there is an age or disguises, it is child, there is nothing shocking in this scene. When we see that it allows pornographic magazines to the outside of the kiosks at the height of the children, one wonders how does the logic of censorship.

Have you seen with your son ?

No, not yet, I took him to see it Sunday. We read the books at the moment so that he discovers this universe. I warned that there was a difficult time in PADDINGTON because it was rather marked by a passage of Mr Peabody & Sherman. When it is believed that Mr Peabody is dead, it has deeply affected my son. He refrained from crying until the end and exploded into tears for about 15 minutes after the session !

PADDINGTON de Paul King will be released on 3 December in cinemas. Also check out our review of the film.

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