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Practice-you, do not be afraid to miss !

Hello to all ! Today, I would like to speak particularly to people who want to make cinema their profession. I had already discussed this topic, some months ago in the article : make a filming location. I, the other day, via the contact form, received an email from a young man who explained to […]

Ebook cinema

This is four months that I launched the blog and ” My crazy challenge “. In this challenge, I pledged myself to you, dear readers, to learn more of my passion and to share the knowledge that I acquired and that I acquerrai. Very quickly, I decided to throw myself into writing a mini-book on […]

Doodlebug by Christopher Nolan

Hello to all. Today, I welcome Ihsane, which offers us an article on one of the first films of Christopher Nolan, a short film entitled Doodlebug (1997). Here is a short film strange to say the least of three minutes. In a closed room, it follows a man armed with a shoe in the […]

The directivity of the microphones

This article brings together the main information on the directivity of the microphones.   A microphone has two main characteristics : its technology and its directivity. The knowledge of these two parameters will allow you to correctly choose your microphone and the best use of them. We will be talking about in this part of […]

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