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5 mistakes to avoid in shooting

These errors not to do when shooting cater more to developers who perform and produce their film technicians. Error n° 1 : Do not have all checked the day before Even some professionals make this mistake because of overconfidence and yet, it is imperative to check everything : Is this all the world has got […]

5D and other cameras, pros and cons

As I said in the article of good news, the rental 5d rental store audiovisual has agreed to help me with the blog by posting an article on a monthly basis on the theme of the image. Here is a first article on the advantages and disadvantages of cameras in the video. Since the arrival […]

5 things to know in order to manage its actors

Hello today I have the pleasure to welcome Valerie, a friend to me, an actress and blogger . She will tell you about the actors, about which has already been discussed on the blog in how to find actors and how to direct his actors, but that does not detract from the insight of this […]

The CMOS sensor : what is essential to know

Are you interested in movie cameras ; and you hear here and there of CCD sensors and CMOS sensors ; and you you ask questions on them ? In this article, check out : What is a sensor, What makes the difference between a CCD sensor and a CMOS sensor, The advantages and disadvantages of […]

4 rules for making a movie with your iPhone

Can we make a movie with his iPhone ? So even though I don’t recommend that to beginners, for which the tool provides a facility logistics, the answer is yes ! You can find some examples below ! But the question that we should especially ask themselves, is how to shoot a movie with his […]

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