Paranormal Activity : Trailer / Bande-Annonce 2 (VO/HD)

Here’s a second trailer for Paranormal Activity

The pitch : A couple is haunted by a demonic spirit.

Paranormal Activity was directed by Oren Peli – he is here for his first film, he is also a screenwriter, producer and editor – with Randy McDowell (Dance Of The Dead, One Missed Call) and Tim Piper (Not Another Not Another Movie).

Small reminder, the budget of this film is that$ 15,000 – 10.000€ – and it is making a huge buzz on the web. The date of release of the French has been advanced because of this buzz.

Date of national release on December 2, 2009 !

Paranormal Activity : Trailer / Bande-Annonce 2 (VO/HD)

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