Parking : trailer

Here is the trailer Parking

The pitch : It is the day of mother’s day in Taipei. Chen Mo has made an appointment with his wife to a dinner, with the hope to mend their ties weakened. But, he finds his car blocked by another parked in double file after the purchase of a cake.

The entire night, Chen Mo spends hours on all floors of a building to look for the person who is parked. It is thus that he meets eccentric characters : an old couple living with their granddaughter early after the death of their only son, a boss of a hair salon penguin who loves to make and eat soup, fish, a prostitute from mainland China, who wants to escape his mackerel, as Well as a tailor hong kong people overwhelmed by debt who is caught by the rogue.

After having lived and survived many events in the course of the night , Chen Mo can finally get out of his car, taking with him these new friends to meet.

Parking was directed by Chung Mong-Hong , whose this is the first feature film with Chang Chen (The 3 Kingdoms, Eros), Jack Kao (Millennium Mambo, Flowers Of Shanghai) and Leon Dai (Double Vision, Betelnut Beauty).

The film will be released on August 26, 2009.

Parking : trailer (VOSTFR)

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