PAUL SANCHEZ IS back !, below ambitions – Critical

Worn by Laurent Lafitte, PAUL SANCHEZ IS INCOME has the mouth when it takes its air of western contemporary provençal sauce. The part of the police investigation, with Zita Hanrot, suffers and fails to reach the level of ambition of the director.

It is certain, director Patricia Mazuy wants to give a sacred style on his fourth film. PAUL SANCHEZ IS BACK ! part of a burr of a policeman. To stifle this little story, his colleague puts the journalist in the corner on a different track : Paul Sanchez, the man who disappeared 10 years ago after having killed his wife and his kids, would be income. And it is, in fact, played by Laurent Lafitte. This Clint Eastwood a bit zany contacted by the same journalist. Then undertakes a chase-to-man to the young policeman (Zita Hanrot) who wants to prove what it is capable of.

PAUL SANCHEZ IS BACK ! has the venom when he takes his tunes from western provence. It is here that the film has everything to attract a max. Laurent Lafitte, of the comédie française (and it shows, as each time), epitomizes a cowboy habs ill, worn out and wild. There’s a mystery and a little psycho in the head of this guy, it smells like dust and the polar. We love these sequence and we want more. And yet, one has the impression of a lack of letting-go of the part of the director, who seems to be struggling to make up the sauce. The mayonnaise-based thriller French traditional’ and western contemporary does not enough to be savored until the last bite that was on the plate.

It must be said that the big part purely police is significantly less péchue and refreshing. If PAUL SANCHEZ IS back ! was supposed to be a comedy black color or film of the detective genre, with flavors of comedy, in all cases it is never really funny. And the stuffing, in lieu of a final, lack of salt. Certainly surprising, it does not have the expected effect because of a path story tortuous where the viewer likes to say “it’s a good film, that !” as the strings are large. The history stretches, stretches, stretches in the last part of the film to the tunes of twist evil twisté : we are witnessing a clash a little bug between the police and the killer, all because the psychological side is not reflected is not enough.

The yet talented Zita Hanrot can’t save the recipe, since she is struggling to convince in his uniform. In the skin of this gendarmette the eyes always a little too wet, it is the figure recurring cop blunderer who wants to have his moment of glory to show to his superiors believe they understand everything that they are wrong and gnagnagni and gnagnagna. Usual humdrum… why not after all. But that doesn’t really work. And it, it is the fault of the scenes not very well directed, and the dialogue are not enough ” bang “, and the difficulty to go until the end of its intentions to feed something really cool and successful. This sad combo finally gives a look just decent, if not agreed, too much at odds with the ambitions of the film, which had, on paper, the film frenchy fresh of the summer.

PAUL SANCHEZ IS BACK ! so, the program displays a nice intention to mix different styles in spite of its outcome too easy, and its staging is not always mastered. Patricia Mazuy excels in creating the western atmosphere as much as it has of evil in what she wants to develop next. A defect that does not take away salvation to the ambitions of this film which holds, in particular, the character of Laurent Lafitte.

Yohann Sed

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PAUL SANCHEZ IS BACK !, below ambitions – Critical
Original title : Paul Sanchez Is back !

Achievement : Patricia Mazuy

Screenplay : Patricia Mazuy, Yves Thomas

Main actors : Laurent Lafitte, Zita Hanrot, Philippe Girard

Release Date : 18 July 2018

Duration : 1h50min

2.5final Score

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