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Petite beard and baseball cap covered on the head, Clément Gonzalez is a film director. Already five short films to his credit, video clips, and over thirty awards at various festivals, at the age of 23, Clément Gonzalez stands out from the younger generation of filmmakers.

It is at school that is truly born of his passion for construction and the trades of the cinema. Evidence that the visual arts course may be vocations. During a project to make for that matter, in class 3, Clement Gonzalez made his first short film. His discoveries film later prompt her to continue in this way : “The films of Bruce Willis, De Niro made me love the cinema”, says Clement. “I admire some directors, like Remi Bezanson (the FIRST DAY OF THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, ZARAFA), Jacques Audiard (A PROPHET, RUST AND BONE), Philippe Lioret (I’M fine DON’T worry, WELCOME) or David Fincher (FIGHT CLUB, THE SOCIAL NETWORK)”.

His stroke of heart that leads, then, to follow courses of theatre. After a bac L, between the ESEC (Ecole supérieure d’etudes cinématographiques), a film school in paris. For three years, Clément learns the trades of trays and chose the speciality ‘assistant director’. In the last year, he made, with friends, short films. After school, it tests the different trades of trays: electro, rushman, etc

  • Short films to success

In 2011, he participated, with friends, actors and technicians, the 48h Film Project Paris, whose objective is to make a short film of 6 minutes, from start to finish, in 48 hours, respecting the three guidelines assessed, one of: a genre, a phrase, an object to use, or a character. The result of these 48 hours of intense work: CASSE-GUEULE, which was awarded during this competition, the prize for the best film, the public, and the best distribution. The result of this experience, Clément, Gonzalez co-founded the Collective 109, which brings together over twenty of the friends of the world of cinema. The following year, the team again won several awards with the short film ‘sand in the pumps’. Thanks to these successes, Clement Gonzalez has had the opportunity to go to Johannesburg. Results AS IT USED TO BE, a short film, visionary and realistic about the course of college available live on the internet, which prevents the students to the lecture halls… A film that has already won a score of awards at various festivals.

  • Objective : to live from this profession

The realization is a field that he masters more and more, and that attracted him : “The job of a producer is not innate, I work hard, but it’s going better and better. Be a director is to be the captain of the ship, it is necessary to know where we are going. If I do not move the machine, nobody will do it for me”, he says.

Accessible and casual, Clément Gonzalez is concerned about the team that surrounds him : “To do good work, it is necessary to unite a team. And for that technicians and actors are willing to work together with me, must be good working conditions. I pay attention to them”, says he.

“My big project now is to make a feature film”, explains the young director. Clement also has a desire to work with actors that go up : “I got a slap when I saw the delivery of Adele Exarcopoulos in THE LIFE Of ADELE by Abdellatif Kechiche. Another actress with whom I would love to shoot: Vanessa Guide (NO LIMIT, a series created by Luc Besson)”.

“I want to do various things, to test everything : music videos, commercials, shorts, feature films, series. I would very much like to do a series, it is a format that I like, and there is a great freedom in writing,”says Clement. “I’m willing to try all genres, but there is one that I like particularly, it is comedy. It doesn’t say not to do that of the comic movies, but it is necessary to sprinkle the film with a little humor so that they do not become sanctimonious or depressive”, he says. It demonstrated in AS IT USED TO BE.

Now it is sure, Clement has found his path : “I couldn’t do anything other than work in film. It is a pace of life that suits me best. It gives such a freedom in the projects. If for the moment, it is difficult to live, I do a lot of projects that are not paid to see his films projected in halls, sharing with the public, it has no price. It gives me the motivation and strength to continue.”, concludes Clément Gonzalez.


Shorts :




2011 : NEW START

2010 : THE BIG DAY

Clips :

2013 : Deluxe – Making Music

2013 : S-Crew – MacCain

2013 : Georgio & Hologram Lo Sex, Drugs & Rock’n’roll

2012 : S-Crew – Incompris

2012 : Eff Gee – Blues of the time

2012 : Nekfeu – Marche Back

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