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Photo credit: Eddie Briere

A small air to the Patrick Dewaere, Johann Dionnet has found its way. At 30 years of age, the young actor is beginning to make a name for himself in the worlds of theatre and cinema. However, he started his career 5 years ago only.

Portrait of an actor who goes up.

Johann Dionnet was born in Seine-et-Marne in 1983. If he dreamed of pursuing a career as an actor since his young age, his parents, professor of sport and informaticienne, pushed him to study. After two years of IUT Services and communication networks, and three years of engineering school in Marne-la-Vallée, 24 years old, he refused to be the CDI that is offered to him to become a comedian. “I started 25 years ago to take classes at the Studio Alain de Bock. We had to do improv with determined objectives, it was necessary to be able to listen to its partners, I learned the construction of a scene, it was very formative, ” says the young actor. And then, Johann has attended courses in the evening, and the day he had been making broadcasts on a chain sporting. During three years, he took courses in theatre, while trying, in parallel, to short films with friends. Its goal: “to be intermittent and to find an agent, which is not obvious “. Now it is done, Johann Dionnet can think about his future: “goals change. Before, I thought that if I made my living doing this job it was great. Now I want to ride my own projects, and in choosing roles, not just to earn money, but because these roles speak to me “.

Photo credit : Eddie Briere

Award for best actor

Johann Dionnet has starred in four short films. In 2012, he won the best actor award at the 48h Film Project Paris, for his role in “The sand in the pumps,” Clement Gonzalez. This year, for the same competition, he co-directed his first film, ” Loup y es-tu “, which was awarded the prize of the public.

In addition, Johann plays at the theatre from 2010: “The Odyssey of Ulysses” to ” The Miser “, passing by ” The woes of Rudy “, he likes to play many of the classic comedies. Two years ago, he has spent a casting to integrate the Troop to Palmade. The humorist Pierre Palmade has formed a team of young talents who are able to write and play their own parts. “It had to be proven to be accepted. Writing was not my strong point, but you must force yourself to write, because if no one knows you, no one is going to write for you, ” he says. “Now it pleases me to tell stories, to invent roles to be played by people I know,” continues the actor. Twice a week, it occurs on the stage of the Comedy to Paris with 15 other actors. At this moment, it occupies one of the leading roles in the play ” The cops “. And the 3 November, Johann, accompanied by other actors, have provided an excerpt of this piece in the emission of Michel Drucker ” Vivement dimanche “.

Young Talent Cannes

In film and television, Johann Dionnet has occupied some secondary roles. But things are accelerating. Last may, he was part of the 22 actors who are selected as Young Talent at the Cannes film festival. Chosen by the actress Alice Taglioni, it has played a role in his short film, ” It is finished with Loïc “, screened at Cannes. “It was an incredible experience, to be sponsored by a super actress and walk up the steps with her, it was unforgettable “, he remembers.

In 2013, he obtained small roles in three feature films: “Hipprocrate “, Thomas Lilti, which will be screened in Paris on 14 December but will be officially on display until march 2015. Johann will also be shown in ” Goal of the dead “, by Thierry Poiraud and Benjamin Rocher; and ” justice or chaos “, by Vincent Garenq, on the case of Clearstream, alongside Gilles Lellouche and Charles Berling.

It also participates in the new mini-series ” The moment the prisoner “, which will begin on the internet on November 21.

In Cannes, in 2013, with its “godmother” Alice Taglioni

Down-to-earth and realistic, Johann Dionnet was a couple of years to drill in the middle, ” but now I can’t and I don’t want to make a half-turn. I’m there, so much to go as far as possible “, he says. “Perfectionist, narrow-minded, and persevering “, Johann Dionnet is determined to succeed. Dance lessons and diction that he is about to take ” should allow me to be even more at ease on stage or on a platform.” “This is a guy intelligent, sincere and not pretentious,” said Clement Gonzalez, one of the young filmmakers with whom Johann has worked. “This is a true blow of artistic heart and human. It is dynamic and has a lot of ideas, ” says the director about the actor.

Admiring actors like André Dussolier, Jean-Pierre Bacri, he has ” a desire to work with everyone. I would very much like to be under the direction of Cédric Klapisch “.

Johann Dionnet still has a lot of project in mind hope that the year 2014 is as ” rich as 2013 “.

Demos are visible on his website: johanndionnet.fr.

The Cops, the theatre of the Comédie de Paris until December 16.

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