Ridley Scott turns in a game of Monopoly

This is a strange adaptation by a strange director…

“You don’t go through the box starting, you do not touch 20 000 francs”, a French expression that became more famous over the years thanks to a board game, Monopoly.

Blow in the profession, that the president ofHasbro, the publisher of the game, Brian Goldner, proudly announces a film adaptation of the board game Monopoly. A second, a third and even a fourth announcement following the name of the studio – Universal Pictures – in the name of the writer – Pamela Pettler (The Wedding Funeral, Number 9) and the name of the director, Ridley Scott, who when even movies like Alien – The Eighth Passenger, Blade Runner or Gladiator.

All this beautiful world will end so soon in order to begin this film which promises us of beautiful surprises.

“If you recall, Monopoly was invented during the Great Depression […] It is a kind of fictional non-fictional within the game […] We give life to it with a story about families. […] Ridley Scott has grown up with Monopoly in Great Britain. Ridley has always created worlds incredible. The world of Monopoly will look like in our world, but of course, there will be some things that will make it unique, a world Monopoly.” entrust Brian Goldner.

Source : cinetvbuzz.com

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