Robert Pattinson (Twilight) would be dead ?

Bad joke or not, the info remains to verify…

According to the website Wikipedia, Robert Pattinson, actor in the now-famous saga, Twilight, would have died last night in Vancouver (Canada) where he was shooting the third installment of Twilight, Eclipse. He will have been struck by a vehicle after a concert of the band Kings Of Leon.

A spokesman for the actress Kristen Stewart, another actress of the film, have confirmed the thing a little later, that of Robert Pattinson , not being as yet pronounced.

In any case, if this death is beautiful and very pronounced, this will make the effect of a bomb in the media around the world.

A photo circulates also, there is this :

Updated : The website Wikipedia just removed the paragraph “Death” of the article by Robert Pattinson. It is a way to bet more on the fact that this event is a simple fake, as the actor has already known a year ago.

Update 2 : The website A Pakistan News is the first to react, shouting loud and clear, that once again, the so-called “death” of Robert Pattinson is a hoax added to the long list that has known the actor

Update 3 : The site Does Nothing Miss continues to pursue and sign : Robert Pattinson is not dead ! Still and always one of the bad buzz that Miley Cirus was also right there is little

Update 4 : Actually, it was just a rumor (at the con, you admit it willingly) initiated by a user on the Wikipedia website. Hoping that the moron who started it will be pursued by that law. And sorry for the scares !

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