Safe, palme d’or-short film Cannes 2013, visible on the Internet

The winners of the Cannes film Festival 2013 were revealed Sunday evening and the awards has not reserved a lot of surprises. But like every year, this is not only the feature films that were in competition. And the game of the short film, it is the Korean director Moon Byoung-gon won the Palme d’or with its thread Safe.


A young student who works in a gaming center illegal turns head to divert money from the lottery. The scam will be discovered by the players, mad with rage.

Our opinion

Korean cinema fairly standard in the end : It shows us the poverty, the violence, the humiliation, the distance between the people… of the Korean cinema quite so classic, but when it is done well, why not. Self-produced for only 5000€, this film was already a Ufo in the selection, “lucky” to be there. Its director takes home the Palme d’or and it’s a safe bet that in a few years he could be found in some major european festivals as were Kim Ki-Duk, Park Chan-Wook, Lee Chang-Dong and other Bong Joon-Ho.

The film – Safe by Moon Byoung-gon

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